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The Historic Resources Inventory database (HRI) is a compendium of information about Mississippi’s landmarks and architecture. Begun in 1998, the database is the product of our architectural historians’ ongoing research and analysis of the thousands of design-related historical documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, blueprints, drawings, and other media within our collection.

The HRI database is a supplement to the Historic Resources Inventory paper files managed by MDAH’s Historic Preservation Division. The paper file system contains over 40,000 files and includes files pertaining to individual buildings, historic districts, and artisans and a vertical subject file on topics relevant to the building trades and architectural profession. The database offers only the most basic information, such as construction date, architect, builder, National Register listing, and Mississippi Landmark designation.

The best way to get to know the Historic Resources Inventory database is simply to conduct a few searches. Use the broad terms and the map option to the left to focus your search and drill down to the individual property level. A few items to remember:
 Digital photos are viewable when available.
 Scanned National Register of Historic Places nominations are available by clicking the relevant
     link on each property/district.

 The locations of rural properties on the map are approximate due to privacy concerns.
 Properties shaded a blue/grey color are no longer standing (non-extant).

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