Location Information
(for the "Arlington")
City/County:Natchez, Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1819
Architectural Styles(s):Federal
No. of Stories:2.5
Registration Information
NHL Listing Date:30 May 1974
NR Listing Date:12 Dec 1973
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"Arlington" is an early and notable example of the architectural form that was embodied by many of the great antebellum mansions of Natchez – an essentially cubical brick house, two stories in height, with a symmetrical façade, a hipped roof, and a monumental tetrastyle portico. (Other houses with same basic form include "Belmont," "Choctaw," "Melrose," "Magnolia Hall," "Rosalie," and "Stanton Hall.")

This house was listed on the National Register on 12 December 1973 with 55 acres of surrounding land. It was designated a National Historic Landmark on 30 May 1974.

It is included in "White Pillars" (1941) (pp. 115-117), "A Guide to Early American Homes – South" (1956), "Shrines to Yesterday" (1968), "The Majesty of Natchez" (1969/1981/1986) (p. 58), "Historic Architecture in Mississippi" (1973) (p. 22), "Old Homes of Mississippi, Volume I: Natchez and the South" (1977) (pp. 25-26), "The Great Houses of Natchez" (1986) (pp. 4-5), "Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi – Alabama" (1989), "Architecture of the Old South" (summary volume) (1993) (p. 165), "Classic Natchez" (1996) (p. 25), and "Louisiana Architecture 1714-1820" (2004) (pp. 253-255). [HABS: MS-17-8 (ten pages of measured drawings plus a cover sheet drawn in 1934; one front oblique photo made by Ralph Clynne on 29 March 1934, and one rear oblique photo made by James Butters on 10 April 1936)]