Location Information
(for the Chastant-Fusilier House)
Name:Chastant-Fusilier House [Hull House, Warren House]
Address:2903 Beach Boulevard
City/County:Pascagoula, Jackson County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1851
Architectural Styles(s):Greek Revival
No. of Stories:2
Destroyed:Aug. 29, 2005 (Hurricane Katrina)
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:20 Dec 1991
Date Delisted:16 Jul 2008
MPS:Historic Resources of Pascagoula, Mississippi
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Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina on 29 August 2005. [HABS: MS-19 (1936)]
Historic Information
The house was one of the most significant residential structures in Pascagoula, both for its architecture and age. The house was the property of the Chastant family for many years.