Location Information
(for the Gerard Brandon IV House)
Name:Gerard Brandon IV House
Address:708 Union Street, North
City/County:Natchez, Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1890
Architectural Styles(s):Queen Anne
No. of Stories:2
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:19 Mar 1982
NR District Name:Upriver Residential
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:360
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Local Designation Information
Local District Name:Natchez Historic District
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The Gerard Brandon IV House is one of the first houses erected in the turn-of-the-century northern suburbs of Natchez and is one of the better examples of the Queen Anne style in the entire city. The house gains additional significance from its architectural integrity, its well-documented construction date (1890) which serves as a useful tool in studying the evolution of the Queen Anne style in Natchez, and from the local importance of Gerard Brandon IV for whom the house was constructed. Gerard Brandon IV was the fourth generation of his influential and prosperous family to reside in the Natchez area. Brandon's grandfather, Gerard Brandon, Jr., was the first native-born governor of the state of Mississippi.