Location Information
(for the McRae-McClinton House)
Name:McRae-McClinton House
Address:772 Pinehurst Street
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1940
Architectural Styles(s):Neoclassical, Colonial Revival
No. of Stories:1
Registration Information
NR District Name:Belhaven
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:750
Local Designation Information
Local District Name:Belhaven Historic District
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Brief Description
One-story, wood frame Neoclassical style residence with a hip roof of asphalt shingles on a brick foundation with metal vents. A partial-width, front facing gable roof projecting entry porch is supported by wood box columns, with capitals and bases, on a concrete porch deck. The columns have a wood balustrade between and support an entablature. There is an octagonal wood louvered vent in the gable of the porch. The facade is seven-bay (W, W, W, D, W, W, W) with horizontal wood shiplap siding with corner boards. The windows are 6/6 wood double hung sash with applied louvered shutters, except for the two on either side of the entry door which are floor length 8/8/8 wood triple hung sash. The entry door is covered by a wood louvered outer door with four divisions. There is a brick chimney piercing the roof near the center. Eaves are boxed. Attached to the left side of the house is a flat roof carport supported by walls.
Historic Information
This house was built for S. P. McRae of the McRae Department Store. This property is listed as being owned by R. McClinton, vice president of S. P. McRae Co., Inc., in the 1943 Jackson City Directory. This building is present on the 1948 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.