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Publication Date: 20130204
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Abstract: The District Names and Abbreviations table is at base a listing of historic districts that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This designation is separate from the purely local designation of local historic districts, which are included in the Local Designations table. In addition to this basic listing, the table includes the dates that the National Park Service officially listed the district, the city and county, the name of the nomination preparer, and any comments describing the district and its significance. This comment field was a late addition to the table, added around 2007 to allow entry of summary statements found in the National Register Accession Book, a six-inch notebook containing summaries of each Mississippi property listed on the National Register from 1965 until 1987 when the Architectural History section lost its section secretary. MDAH architectural historians enter new districts in this table and the table populates a drop-down field in the Inventory table that allows individual properties in that table to be tied to the District Names table. This simple relationship allows for the first time a complete listing of individual addresses listed on the National Register either individually or as part of a historic district. The National Park Service listing only allows viewers to search by the historic district listing, not the individual properties within it.
Purpose: The District Names and Abbreviations table allows users of the Historic Resources Database to see at a glance whether a particular address is included in a National Register historic district and further allows the user to access more information about that district. The ability to search for properties within National Register districts was previously unavailable before the Historic Resources Database and the District Names table.
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Use Constraints: The full District table record is viewable by the general public on the District Fact Sheet, and all properties listed within a district are viewable on the Property List tab.
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