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Publication Date: 20130204
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Abstract: The Local Designations table within the MDAH Historic Resources Database was created in 2010-2011 through a Certified Local Government grant. The table allows MDAH staff, local officials, and the general public to ascertain whether a particular property is designated as historic at the local level. Local designations are the purview of municipalities and are passed as ordinances by the legislative body at the local level, usually a City Council or Board of Aldermen. These local designations are carried out by municipal governments that are usually participants in the Certified Local Government program, a National Park Service designation. The Certified Local Government Program is a preservation partnership between local, state and national governments focused on promoting historic preservation at the grass roots level. The program is jointly administered by the National Park Service (NPS) and the State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) in each state, with each local community working through a certification process to become recognized as a Certified Local Government (CLG). Once a city or county becomes a CLG, it often designates properties within its boundaries as local landmarks or local historic districts. Local designations may include individual local landmarks or historic districts and typically include oversight by a locally authorized city body, called a historic preservation commission. Previous to the establishment of the Local Designations table, these local actions often remained in paper files in individual city offices and were sometimes lost due to staff turnover. With the Local Designation table, small communities that cannot afford GIS programs have the ability to use the MDAH system as a digital resource for their reviews. The table was populated in 2011 by local ordinances and maps sent in by CLG communities--approximately 20% of local communities that possibly have local designations did not respond to MDAH requests, so the resulting table is not entirely comprehensive for the state. However, for those communities that did respond, the Local Designations table should be considered accurate and complete. The Local Designations table only includes the designation information and ordinances establishing the local landmarks, not a record of reviews of alterations to those local landmarks--this detailed information is kept solely at the municipality. Since 2011, MDAH staff has updated the table with new local designations and will continue to do so into the future.
Purpose: The Local Designations table allows MDAH staff, local officials, and residents to see with an easy search whether a particular property is designated as either a local landmark or is included in a local historic district. These landmarks are a separate designation from the Mississippi Landmark or National Register designation. The Local Designations table can be viewed (when populated) on an individual property's Fact Sheet, and also forms the basis for the Local Designations report.
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Use Constraints: As the table exists to be a reference for the general public and local officials, all fields of the Local Designations table are available in both the Public and Subscriber interfaces.
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