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Abstract: The Historic Resources Inventory database (HRI) is a compendium of information about Mississippi’s landmarks and architecture. Begun in 1998, the database is the product of MDAH architectural historians’ ongoing research and analysis of the thousands of design-related historical documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, blueprints, drawings, and other media within our older (and still updated) paper files. The HRI database is a supplement to the Historic Resources Inventory paper files managed by MDAH’s Historic Preservation Division. The HRI began as a small paper filing system for the state's historic sites after the founding of the Historic Preservation Division in April 1967. Reorganized in the 1980s by Chief Architectural Historian Richard Cawthon, the HRI had grown to about 26,000 records by the year 2000 and included numerous files on non-extant structures, used not only for their pure research value but also for comparison with structures still standing. By 2010, the paper file system contained over 45,000 files. The Historic Resources Inventory paper system includes files pertaining to individual buildings, historic districts, and artisans and a vertical subject file on topics relevant to the building trades and architectural profession. Reflecting this multi-faceted paper collection, the HRI Database includes multiple tables all related to the primary Inventory table that contains basic address and stylistic information. Other related tables within the HRI Database include the Mississippi Landmark table, National Register Districts tables, Local Designation, Artisans, Alterations, Historic Uses, Photos, Slides, Cross-References (Digital and paper); Historic Associations (such as World War II or Civil Rights), and a Comments table that allows more in-depth discussion of particularly significant properties. However, due to limitations in the paper records, most records in the HRI Database offer only the most basic information, such as name, address, historic use, construction date, architect, builder, National Register listing, and Mississippi Landmark designation. The database also is the primary method of cross-referencing to other Historic Preservation Division collections, including the large photographic negative collection, slides, and architectural drawings. The Historic Resources Database contains records on many properties that are not listed on the National Register or as Mississippi or local landmarks. In fact, a high percentage of properties in the HRI is non-extant, or no longer standing. This broad database allows MDAH architectural historians to compare historic properties with others of like type or age and allows the general public and researchers to find information about particular buildings, whether they were ever formally listed in any way. Because of this breadth of coverage, inclusion of a particular property or address in the database should not be construed as conveying "historic" status on the property: inclusion in the HRI can come in a variety of ways--through MDAH staff photographing or otherwise documenting a property (i.e. finding newspaper clippings about it or photos in an archival collection), through third-party survey or research (consultants or private citizens sending in information), through federal projects requiring survey, and a variety of other means, including grant applications from owners. All of this information is filed in the Historic Resources Inventory paper files and entered in summary form into the Historic Resources Database and in some cases, properties with only minimal information at first grow through later research to be quite complete records and may be listed on the National Register or be designated as Mississippi Landmarks. Other properties may never be further documented. The Historic Resources Inventory is merely the first step in documenting an interesting or old building and should not be considered the final word on its significance.
Purpose: The Historic Resources Inventory database (HRI) is the Historic Preservation Division's primary means of collecting, sharing, and analyzing basic information about historic properties within the Division and to the general public. The database assists in finding the paper files for specific historic properties, determining if particular buildings are listed on the National Register or designated as Mississippi Landmarks, tracking which properties are no longer extant, listing all known buildings by particular architects or builders, listing all known buildings of a particular type, such as schools, churches, courthouses, and post offices, and a variety of other ways of summarizing and analysing this large body of architectural and historical information.
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Use Constraints: Rural property map locations are only available to subscribers. In depth reports such as the Context Report, Street Address Index, Associations Report, and Easement Report are only available to subscribers. The ability to search for specific photos by various criteria such as tag is only available to subscribers. Other cross-reference information such as availability of architectural drawings and photo negatives is only available to subscribers.
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