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While the online database contains information about Mississippi’s historic properties that will suit the needs of the general public, certain professionals such as architectural historians and archaeologists need to be able to delve deeper into the database. In order to accommodate these professionals, we have created two subscription services to gain access to the site. Both subscriptions are on an annual basis, based on the date that you purchase the subscription. The fee for level 1 is $100. Level 2 is $1300.

Subscriber 1 Level includes (in addition to information already available on the public interface):
  • Access to locational information for rural standing structures
  • Access to all National Register Nominations, including NR archaeological sites
  • Access to reports and other cross reference material when available
  • Search capacity in our large and growing photographic library
  • Ability to submit new images about properties to MDAH.
  • Ability to submit new standing structures to MDAH to be considered for inclusion into the database.
Subscriber 2 Level access includes (in addition to all the access that Subscriber 1 includes)
  • Access to the archaeological site database
  • Access to archaeological survey reports databases, PDF scans of the archaeological reports.
  • Ability to submit new site cards
Subscriber 1 Level is open to all interested researchers, but only qualified archaeologists may subscribe at the Subscriber 2 Level. If you would like to subscribe to one of these services click here and you will be taken to a page to submit some preliminary information about your project so we can contact you for further discussion.

Thank You