For Values - City: Biloxi    Street Name: Null    Street No: Null    Name: city hall    County: Any     (4 properties)
NameInventory NumberAddressCityCounty
(Old) Biloxi City Hall And Market047-BLX-2426-XMain Street & Howard AvenuesBiloxiHarrison
(old) Elks Building {Biloxi Lodge No. 606, BPOE}047-BLX-1176-X217 Lameuse Street (opposite Biloxi City Hall)BiloxiHarrison
(Old) U.S. Post Office, Courthouse, and Customhouse (Biloxi City Hall)047-BLX-1018.1-NR-NRD-ML140 Lameuse StreetBiloxiHarrison
Veterans of Foreign Wars Building (City Hall Annex)047-BLX-1018.2-NRD-X138 Lameuse StreetBiloxiHarrison