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Keary & Stanton (1870s)
Builder/Contractor, Vicksburg, MS
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1870-71049-JAC-0002-NHL-NRD-MLContractorRenovationJackson, Hinds Co.
D1870-1871049-JAC-7060-XBuilder/ContractorTwo new wingsJackson, Hinds Co.


Stanton & McKenna
Builder/Contractor, Natchez/Vicksburg, MS
see also STANTON, WILLIAM. Advertising as master mechanics in 1867 in Natchez.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1866001-NAT-0710-XBuilder/ContractorOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1870049-JAC-0013-NHL-NRD-MLBuilder/ContractorRepairsJackson, Hinds Co.
D1870-94149-VKS-0151.1-NR-NRDBuilder/ContractorOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.


Stanton, William (b.1840 - d.1908)
Builder/Architect, Natchez/Vicksburg, MS
Born in Natchez to an Irish father John Stanton, who was a carpenter, he was in partnership as STANTON & MCKENNA as early as 1867, when they were advertising as "master mechanics" in Natchez. He had moved to Vicksburg by 1877, when he advertised in the city directory as "Architect and Builder, Plans, Specifications and Estimates Furnished on Short Notice, and reasonable terms. Will contract for buildings finished complete." Listed only as architect by the 1886 city directory. In practice with his son WILLIAM A. STANTON as STANTON & SON in the mid 1890s. Married to Susan, who was born in England, he had at least three children. Sometimes confused in the historical record with his son, WILLIAM A., who was a trained architect, attending Cornell University. see NR nomination for Speed Street School for background of William Stanton, also NR nomination for Carr Junior High School.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1870-94149-VKS-0151.1-NR-NRDSupervising ArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1885149-VKS-0135.1-NRD-MLEArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1885-86149-VKS-5401-NRArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1886149-VKS-0581-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1886149-VKS-0573-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1886149-VKS-0551.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
A1887049-JAC-0024-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1888149-VKS-0315-NHL-NRD-MLArchitect/BuilderFoundation repairsVicksburg, Warren Co.
Ac.1890149-VKS-0184-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
Dc.1890149-VKS-0275-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1892149-VKS-0114.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1893149-VKS-0552-XArchitecttowered fa├žade additionVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1893-96149-VKS-0113-NR-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
Dc.1894149-VKS-1757-NR-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
A1896-1900149-VKS-0104.2-XArchitect--SupervisingOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1896149-VKS-0190-XArchitectRemodelling, new frontVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1902149-VKS-1520.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1904149-VKS-3875ArchitectRemodelingVicksburg, Warren Co.


Stanton, William & W.A. (c.1905)
Architecture Firm, Vicksburg, MS
Firm composed of WILLIAM STANTON and son, WILLIAM A. STANTON. These two were working together by 1890, when Wm. Stanton & Son, located on Washington Street advertised as "Architects and Superintendents" in "In and About Vicksburg." see also STANTON & SON. Designed E. Carroll Parish CH (1901) in LA.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1906149-VKS-0317-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906149-VKS-0237-NRDArchitectModernized storefrontVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1907-08149-VKS-0104.2-XArchitectInstitutional annex/gymnasiumVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1907149-VKS-1031-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1907-08149-VKS-0239.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.


Stanton, William A. (b.1870 - d.1948)
Architect, Vicksburg, MS
See also STANTON, WILLIAM & W.A./STANTON, WILLIAM, & SON. Born to contractor/designer WILLIAM STANTON, he spent two years at Cornell University (1891-1893), but apparently did not graduate. He entered practice in Vicksburg with his father in the early 1890s as STANTON & SON. A 1915 Southern Architect and Building News article about Vicksburg recounts the history of the Stanton firm: "Many of the homes here illustrated were designed by Mr. W.A. Stanton who enjoys the distinction of being the surviving member of a firm that was established as early as 1823 and so is without the shadow of a doubt the oldest firm of architects in the United States. During their long and honorable professional career, which had its incipiency in Natchez, a business has been developed which extends to all parts of the South, and most of these homes bear the stamp of his progressive architectural thought and constructive skill, and besides has designed many of the monuments in the National Cemetery here." V. 36, no. 1 (Nov 1915), p. 36. See also "Directory of Southern Architects" in Southern Architect and Building News, Vol. 32, #2 (Dec 1913), pp. 43-45. In 1911, Stanton's office was at 501 First National Bank Bldg. in Vicksburg, and his directory ad states "Special attention given to designing of all classes of steel, frame and concrete structures, bridges, viaducts and foundations." Designed Tallulah Book Club Building in Louisiana (1930). In 1928, he was appointed by Gov. Bilbo to a four-year term to the new State Board of Architecture. Worked with A. HAYS TOWN on the first HABS documentation team in Mississippi, 1933-34. Married to Lauria, he was a member of Crawford Street Methodist Church and had six children. He died in August 1948 and is buried in the Vicksburg City Cemetery.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
 1896149-VKS-5405Original buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1906149-VKS-4505-NRDArchitect--SupervisingOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906125-ROL-5001.1Architect--SupervisingOriginal buildingRolling Fork vic., Sharkey Co.
D1906-1907089-CAN-0239-NRDDesignerOriginal buildingCanton, Madison Co.
D1906049-JAC-0331.2-NREDesignerOriginal monumentJackson, Hinds Co.
D1908-09149-VKS-0131-NRD-XArchitectAnnexVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908-09149-VKS-1099-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908149-VKS-0317-NRD-MLArchitectAnnex for the insaneVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908149-VKS-0590-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1909-10149-VKS-1890-MLArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1909-1910149-VKS-0275-XArchitectInterior remodelling, exterior renovationVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1909149-VKS-2008.1ArchitectAnnexVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1910001-NAT-1629-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
Dc.1910149-VKS-0332-NR-NRDRemodellingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1910149-VKS-1029.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
Dc.1910149-VKS-1197-XArchitectRemodelling/Porch ExpansionVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1918151-ARC-0005.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingArcola, Washington Co.
D1918151-GRV-5027.6-XArchitectOriginal buildingGreenville vic., Washington Co.
D1922125-ANG-0009.1ArchitectOriginal buildingAnguilla, Sharkey Co.
D1924149-VKS-1054-NR-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
Dc.1925149-VKS-5020.3-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1926149-VKS-0104.3-NRDArchitect--SupervisingOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1928149-VKS-5012.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1929149-VKS-5213.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
A1929151-LND-8101-XArchitectOriginal buildingLeland vic., Washington Co.
Dc.1930149-VKS-0930Architectdormitory building/ auditoriumVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1932151-LND-0311-NRDArchitectoriginal buildingLeland, Washington Co.


Stanton, William, & Son (c.1895)
Architecture Firm, Vicksburg, MS
Firm composed of WILLIAM STANTON and son, WILLIAM A. STANTON. These two were working together by 1890, when Wm. Stanton & Son, located on Washington Street advertised as "Architects and Superintendents" in "In and About Vicksburg." In 1905, advertising in the Vicksburg Evening Post: "Wm. Stanton & Son, Architects. O'Reilly Building. Plans and Estimates Made on Buildings of All Descriptions." see also STANTON, WILLIAM & W.A.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1903149-VKS-0107-NR-NRDArchitect--SupervisingOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
A1903-05149-VKS-4292-NR-MLArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1903-04149-VKS-0267-XArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1903-04149-VKS-1098-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1905149-VKS-0272-XArchitectOriginal BuildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1905149-VKS-4050ArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906149-VKS-0230.1-XArchitectRemodellingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906-1907089-CAN-0239-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingCanton, Madison Co.
D1906149-VKS-4507-NRDArchitect--Supervisingoriginal sculptureVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906-07149-VKS-2008.1Architect"alterations and additions"--probably porticoed front wingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1906149-VKS-0556-XArchitectRemodellingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1907149-VKS-0154-NR-NRD-MVDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908149-VKS-0193.2-XArchitectUnsuccessful competitive designVicksburg, Warren Co.