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Lindsley, Claude H. (b.1894 - d.1969)
Architect, Jackson, MS/Houston, TX./Ocean Springs, MS
Born in Jackson, he spent his childhood in Campton, Mississippi (apparently a rural community in either Lincoln or Lawrence Counties). Lindsley began his career employed with X.A. KRAMER in Jackson from 1914-1917. He apparently did not attend college or have any academic training. He worked for the U.S. Shipping Board from 1918-1919, and became a partner with Kramer as KRAMER & LINDSLEY from 1920-1923. He established his own practice in 1923. Lindsley submitted a proposal for the Natchez City Hall in 1925, but the project was given to Jackson architect H.N. AUSTIN. He was a founding member of the Mississippi Association of Architects in 1924. He was listed as a member of the Louisiana chapter of the AIA in the early 1920s--his office in this 1924 listing was located at 50 Kress Building. E.L. MALVANEY was his Head Draftsman, 1923-1926, and ROBERT COOK JONES worked as a draftsman during the summers, 1924/1925, and again in 1928. ROBERT B. MCKNIGHT also worked as a draftsman in his office in the late 1920s. By the 1927/28 Directory, Lindsley had offices in the Lamar Life Building, and a residence (with wife and 2 children) at the corner of S. Prentiss and N. Robinson. In 1928, he received a two-year appointment to the new State Board of Architecture by Gov. Bilbo. In 1931, his office was at the 18th Floor, Tower Building, Jackson. Lindsley was a founding member of the Mississippi chapter of the AIA and served on the executive committee in its first few years. He was president of the MS AIA in 1934. Lindsley participated in a traveling exhibit by the state board of development in 1930, with his entry titled "Remodeling as a Factor in the Making of Better Homes." R.W. NAEF worked in his office as Specification Writer and General Office Manager, 1928-1931. Although Lindsley still maintained an office in Jackson in the 1935 City Directory, his residence was noted as "Washington DC," apparently, working for the next two years as a consulting architect for the OFFICE OF THE SUPERVISING ARCHITECT. He moved around to Houston, TX, in 1937 and lived there until 1946, associated with WYATT C. HEDRICK in the firm HEDRICK & LINDSLEY. He returned to his own independent practice in 1947, continuing in Houston, but he maintained connections on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, with several projects through the 1950s. DONALD SIMMONS works as an associate for him on gulf coast projects. By 1958, he was listed in the Ocean Springs City Directory on Holcombe Blvd., but apparently he built a house on Ridge Road in Gulf Hills and retired there soon thereafter. He was still using his Houston, TX address on his stamp as late as 1962. He was married and had two daughters. He died in Ocean Springs (Gulf Hills) in 1969, but is buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Jackson. See American Architects Directory, 1962. also Obituary, Brookhaven Daily Leader, July 10, 1969, p. 9.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1923-25049-JAC-0030.1-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1923113-MCC-0013-XArchitectOriginal buildingMcComb, Pike Co.
D1923049-JAC-0463-XArchitectAddition and AlterationsJackson, Hinds Co.
D1924017-OKO-0158.1-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingOkolona, Chickasaw Co.
D1924-25163-YAZ-0046-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingYazoo City, Yazoo Co.
 c. 1924113-MAG-0098-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingMagnolia, Pike Co.
D1924017-OKO-0106-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingOkolona, Chickasaw Co.
D1924017-OKO-0112.2-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingOkolona, Chickasaw Co.
D1925097-WIN-0214.2-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingWinona, Montgomery Co.
D1925091-COL-0091-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingColumbia, Marion Co.
D1925001-NAT-1426-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1925089-CAN-0001-NRD-MLArchitectRenovationsCanton, Madison Co.
D1925043-GRN-0081-NR-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingGrenada, Grenada Co.
D1926113-MCC-0235-NRDArchitectRemodelling/"Rebuilt"McComb, Pike Co.
D1926113-MCC-0009-NR-MLArchitectRemodelling/"Rebuilt"McComb, Pike Co.
D1926049-JAC-0143-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1926049-JAC-3518-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1926049-JAC-0096-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1926049-JAC-3260-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1927049-JAC-3015-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1927071-OXF-1008-MLArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingOxford, Lafayette Co.
D1927049-JAC-7050-NR-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1927049-JAC-6089.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
A1927053-BLZ-0011ArchitectOriginal buildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1927105-STK-0116.1-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1927049-JAC-6210-NRDArchitectenlargement/alterations after fireJackson, Hinds Co.
D1927049-JAC-6211-NRDArchitectenlargement/alterations after fireJackson, Hinds Co.
D1928-29067-ELL-0502ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
A1928-29067-ELL-0503ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
A1928-29067-ELL-0512ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
A1928-29067-ELL-0501ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
D1928089-CAN-0129.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingCanton, Madison Co.
D1928-29021-ALC-0016.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
D1928-29021-ALC-0016.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
D1928011-CLE-0916ArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1928049-JAC-6201-XArchitectOriginal building (1st floor)Jackson, Hinds Co.
D1928021-ALC-0001-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
A1928049-JAC-0167-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1928029-CRS-0137.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingCrystal Springs, Copiah Co.
D1928049-JAC-0207-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
A1928-30049-JAC-1296-NRArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1928-29021-ALC-0023ArchitectOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
A1928-29067-ELL-0504ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
A1928-29067-ELL-0510ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
D1929049-JAC-0207-NRDArchitectAnnexJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929049-JAC-0096-NRDArchitectThird-story additionJackson, Hinds Co.
A1929151-LND-8021.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingLeland vic., Washington Co.
D1929011-CLE-0905ArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1929021-ALC-0006-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
D1929011-CLE-0903-MLArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1929011-CLE-0901-MLArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1929105-STK-4013-MLArchitectOriginal buildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1929105-STK-4014-MLArchitectOriginal buildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1929105-STK-4015-MLArchitectOriginal T-shape buildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1929-30075-MER-0146.2-NR-MLArchitect--PrincipalOriginal buildingMeridian, Lauderdale Co.
D1929049-JAC-0097-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929049-JAC-0443.2-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929087-CBS-3020-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1929087-CBS-3022-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1929087-CBS-3024-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1929-30087-CBS-3025-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1929105-STK-0140-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
A1929087-CBS-3021-NRD-MLArchitect--PlansOriginal BuildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1929087-CBS-3023-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingColumbus, Lowndes Co.
D1930067-ELL-0505ArchitectOriginal buildingEllisville, Jones Co.
D1930049-JAC-0130-XArchitectTwo-story addition, remodellingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930049-JAC-6213-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc. 1930091-COL-0092-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingColumbia, Marion Co.
D1930049-JAC-0195-NR-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930049-JAC-0300-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930151-LND-0023-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLeland, Washington Co.
D1930049-JAC-7049-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1931163-YAZ-0155.1-NRD-MLArchitectRenovationYazoo City, Yazoo Co.
D1931127-MGE-0004.1ArchitectOriginal buildingMagee, Simpson Co.
D1932121-PEA-0004.1ArchitectRenovation after fire (or possibly new building)Pearl, Rankin Co.
D1934071-OXF-1035Architect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingOxford, Lafayette Co.
D1934049-JAC-4013ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1934no fileArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingForest, Scott Co.
D1935-37149-VKS-0128-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1952059-PAS-0167.2-NRArchitectOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
A1952059-OCN-0749ArchitectOriginal BuildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1952059-PAS-0322ArchitectOriginal BuildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1952059-OCN-0225-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1954059-PAS-0167.5-NRArchitect for additionsWest WingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1954059-PAS-0167.6-NRArchitect for additionsOriginal BuildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1955059-OCN-0143.2-NRDArchitectRemodelingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1957059-PAS-0298Architect--PrincipalOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1958059-PAS-0186-XArchitect--PrincipalOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1958059-PAS-0297ArchitectOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1958059-PAS-0167.3ArchitectOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1962-63059-PAS-0167.4-NRArchitectOriginal buildingPascagoula, Jackson Co.
D1962059-OCN-0256-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1962059-GAU-0016-NR-MLArchitectCafeteria additionGautier, Jackson Co.
D1965059-OCN-0423-NRDArchitectStorefront AlterationsOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1968059-OCN-0426-DNCArchitectOriginal BuildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.