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Hull, Emmett J. (b.1882 - d.1957)
Architect, Jackson, MS
Born in Jackson, MS, Hull was the nephew of W.S. HULL, one of Jackson's early engineer/architects and the son of FRANCIS B. HULL, a builder and owner of one of the state's largest contracting companies at the turn of the twentieth century. E.J. Hull completed a special 2-year course at Cornell in 1906. He worked briefly in New York City and moved back to Jackson to work in the office of his uncle W.S. Hull. By about 1910, he was practicing independently. He married Marie Atkinson in 1917--Marie Hull became a famous artist in her own right and was considered a mentor by many Mississippi artists in the 20th century. Advertising in Sept 1913 with offices at 605 Millsaps Building. Listed in 1916 and 1922 Jackson City Directories with offices in the Daniel Building (222½ E. Capitol), and in 1927/28 Directory with office on the 2nd floor, of the Merchant Bank Building Annex. Hull participated in a traveling exhibit by the state board of development in 1930, with his entry titled "Architectural Beauty for Better Homes." He was a founding member of the Mississippi Association of Architects in 1924. He joined the Louisiana chapter of the AIA in 1925, before becoming a charter member of the new MS chapter in 1929. He served as Vice-President of the MS Chapter, AIA in 1931/32 and 2nd VP in 1934. E.L. MALVANEY, his cousin, worked as draftsman in his firm, 1920-21, before joining him as a partner in 1926 as HULL & MALVANEY. He briefly contemplated moving to Florida or at least opening an office there in 1925, but that does not appear to have come to pass. Around 1935, he apparently applied for a job with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), but it is not known whether he attained that position. According to his obituary, "during WWII, he served as a consultant with the U.S. Engineers at Vicksburg and in Arkansas." See also HULL & DRUMMOND. Listed as "J. Emmett Hull" with offices in the Hart Building, Jackson, in "Directory of Southern Architects" in Southern Architect and Building News, Vol. 32, #2 (Dec 1913), pp. 43-45. As "Emmett J. Hull" in "Directory of American Architects" (Apr 1920, p. 47) in same publication. He was a Christian Scientist and a member of the Jackson Kiwanis Club.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1910049-JAC-0623-NR-MLArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc.1910049-JAC-5775-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1913-16051-PIC-0004-XArchitectOriginal buildingPickens, Holmes Co.
D1914049-JAC-0245.3-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1914049-JAC-5225-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1915049-JAC-5050-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc. 1915049-JAC-6562-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1915049-POC-0002-XArchitectOriginal buildingPocahontas, Hinds Co.
Dc. 1915029-GAL-0014.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingGallman, Copiah Co.
D1915049-JAC-5293-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1915049-JAC-4611.1-XArchitectOriginal BuildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1916049-JAC-5296-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1916049-JAC-0688.2-XArchitectUnsuccessful designJackson, Hinds Co.
D1917163-YAZ-0244.2ArchitectOriginal buildingYazoo City, Yazoo Co.
A1919?049-JAC-5255-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1920049-JAC-3591-DNCArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1921049-JAC-5749-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1921049-JAC-5004-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1921127-MEN-0015-XArchitectOriginal buildingMendenhall, Simpson Co.
D1922049-JAC-5283-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1922035-HAT-0007.1-NRD-MLArchitectrenovation, remodeling, additionHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
D1923049-JAC-0506-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc.1923049-JAC-5061-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1923085-BRK-0110-XArchitectOriginal buildingBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1923-24049-JAC-0014.2-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1924021-PGB-0319.1-NREArchitectOriginal Building Port Gibson, Claiborne Co.
D1924021-PGB-0288-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingPort Gibson, Claiborne Co.
D1924021-PGB-0289-NRDArchitectRepairs, additions after 1924 firePort Gibson, Claiborne Co.
D1924083-GRE-0060.3-NR-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
Ac. 1925121-BRN-0004-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingBrandon, Rankin Co.
Dc.1925049-JAC-3011.02ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Ac.1925121-FLR-0027ArchitectOriginal buildingFlorence, Rankin Co.
D1926089-TOU-1002-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingTougaloo, Madison Co.
D1927089-TOU-1013ArchitectOriginal buildingTougaloo, Madison Co.
Dc.1928149-VKS-5301ArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1928053-BLZ-0018ArchitectOriginal BuildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
A1928079-CRT-0177-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingCarthage, Leake Co.
D1928029-WES-0102ArchitectOriginal buildingWesson, Copiah Co.
D1928051-DUR-0011-XArchitectOriginal buildingDurant, Holmes Co.
D1928029-WES-0104-XArchitectOriginal buildingWesson, Copiah Co.
D1928029-WES-0105ArchitectOriginal buildingWesson, Copiah Co.
Dc.1929049-JAC-5260-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930127-PIN-0006.1ArchitectOriginal buildingPinola, Simpson Co.
Dc. 1930151-LKW-7025.1-XArchitectStandardized plan produced for Dept. of Ed.Lake Washington vic., Washington Co.
D1930089-TOU-1003-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingTougaloo, Madison Co.
D1931049-JAC-5311-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc.1935047-GLF-0132-XArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
?1938127-MEN-0010.5-ML-XArchitectOriginal buildingMendenhall, Simpson Co.
D1939049-JAC-3591-DNCArchitectRepairsJackson, Hinds Co.
D1940049-JAC-5161.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1941163-YAZ-0036.1-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingYazoo City, Yazoo Co.
D1944-45085-BRK-0096.2-XArchitectAdditions and alterationsBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1945113-MCC-0917ArchitectOriginal buildingMcComb, Pike Co.
D1946-49049-JAC-7179ArchitectOriginal buildingsJackson, Hinds Co.
D1947089-TOU-1006-NRD-ML-XArchitectOriginal buildingTougaloo, Madison Co.
D1947089-TOU-1010-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingTougaloo, Madison Co.
D1948133-PAR-6104ArchitectOriginal buildingParchman, Sunflower Co.
D1950049-JAC-0325-MLArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1952049-JAC-3045ArchitectAdditionJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc. 1953049-JAC-0363ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1955105-STK-4081Architect--Joint VentureOriginal BuildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1957049-JAC-4729ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1958049-JAC-4520Architect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.