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Hull & Malvaney (1926-1931)
Architecture Firm, Jackson, MS
Firm composed of EMMETT J. HULL and EDGAR L. MALVANEY, who were cousins. WILLIAM E. CAMPBELL worked in this office in the late 1920s. ROBERT COOK JONES was an architect in this office from 1931 to about 1932 (Malvaney had been Head Draftsman for C.H. Lindsley when Jones worked in the same office). Some of the records of this firm are contained in the Hull and Malvaney Architectural Records Collection and the Leslie Pitts Architectural Records collection at Special Collections, MSU in Starkville.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1929011-CLE-0129.05ArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1929049-JAC-0476-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929121-PEL-0003-MLArchitectOriginal buildingPelahatchie, Rankin Co.
D1929011-CLE-0129.07-XArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
D1929049-JAC-2080-NR-NRD-MLArchitectAddition--fa├žadeJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929101-NEW-0078.3-XArchitectOriginal buildingNewton, Newton Co.
D1929049-JAC-0285ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929049-JAC-5063-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1929049-JAC-4528ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930049-JAC-5687-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930071-ABV-0001.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingAbbeville, Lafayette Co.
D1930051-TCH-0002.1-XPrimary ArchitectRear additionTchula, Holmes Co.
D1930011-DUN-0002.1ArchitectOriginal buildingDuncan, Bolivar Co.
D1930049-JAC-4003.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1930049-JAC-6794-NRArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1932-34049-JAC-0011-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc.1950053-BLZ-0021ArchitectOriginal buildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.