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DeBuys, Churchill & Labouisse (1905-1912)
Architecture Firm, New Orleans, LA
Firm composed of RATHBONE DEBUYS, FRANK G. CHURCHILL, and SAMUEL STANHOPE LABOUISSE. See Poesch and Bacot, Louisiana Buildings, p. 296. See also Kingsley, Buildings of Louisiana, p. 129. Listed in "Directory of Southern Architects," Southern Architect and Builder (Dec 1913, p. 45).
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1908149-VKS-0193.2-XArchitectUnsuccessful competitive designVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908-09149-VKS-1123-NRDArchitectUnbuilt designVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908149-VKS-0930.1ArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1908067-LAR-0377-XArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1909067-LAR-0189-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1909067-LAR-0162-NR-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
Dc.1910067-LAR-0172-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1910047-GLF-3317.1-XArchitectoriginal building(s)Gulfport, Harrison Co.
D1913-14067-LAR-0051.1-DL-XArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.


DeBuys, Rathbone Emile (b.1874 - d.1960)
Architect, New Orleans, LA
Born in New Orleans, trained at Tulane, graduating in 1896 with a degree in civil engineering and in 1897 with a degree in architecture. He also received a Ph.D. degree in 1897 from Yale University where he was a student in the Sheffield and the art schools. After working as an assistant city engineer in N.O., De Buys entered architectural practice. He practiced in the early part of his career with as DEBUYS, CHURCHILL & LABOUISSE (1905-1912), working later under his own name. In 1918, his office was located in the Hibernis Building. Listed in "Directory of American Architects," Southern Architect and Building News (Apr 1920), p. 47. He married Corinne von Meysenberg in 1901 and had three children. His New Orleans buildings included Loyola University, Tulane Gymnasium, McDermott Memorial Church, and the U.S. Immigration Station. See Kingsley, Buildings of Louisiana, pp. 129, 146, 148, 452.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
Dc. 1910067-LAR-0996-XArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
A1911047-PSC-0116-NRD-XArchitectOriginal buildingPass Christian, Harrison Co.
D1919-21047-LNG-0101-ML-XArchitectOriginal buildingLong Beach, Harrison Co.
D1919-21047-LNG-0102-MLArchitectOriginal buildingLong Beach, Harrison Co.
D1923-24067-LAR-0122-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1924067-LAR-0064-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
 c. 1928067-LAR-0845Original buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1929085-BRK-0109-XArchitectOriginal buildingBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1934035-HAT-0021-NR-NRDArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.