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McMullan, Charles P. (b.1922 - d.1996)
Architect, Jackson, MS
Born in Decatur, MS, he graduated from Auburn (Alabama Polytech) with a B. of Arch. In 1949. He worked as a Designer-Draftsman in the office of JAY T. LIDDLE, 1949-1954, joining the firm as Associated Architect in 1951, and as partner in 1954. Joined AIA in 1954. He was married in 1945 and had 1 child, residing at 262 Iris Avenue in 1956 with office at 404 Barnett-Madden Building. Office listed in 1962 and 1970 at 515 Yazoo Street, Jackson, and a home address in 1970 at 5946 Westmore Dr. see also HICKS & MCMULLAN/see also DEAN, HICKS, & MCMULLAN. See American Architects Directory, 1956, 1970.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1950-51101-DEC-0103.2ArchitectDecatur, Newton Co.
D1961101-DEC-0126ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1968101-DEC-0107ArchitectAdditionDecatur, Newton Co.
D1968101-DEC-0132ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1968101-DEC-0134ArchitectDecatur, Newton Co.


McMullan, Charles P., & Associates (c.1970s-80s)
Architecture Firm, Jackson, MS
Firm composed of CHARLES P. MCMULLAN and others
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1961101-DEC-0107ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1964101-DEC-0116ArchitectOriginal BuildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1966079-CRT-0079-DNCOriginal buildingCarthage, Leake Co.
D1967079-CRT-0016-DNCArchitectOriginal BuildingCarthage, Leake Co.
D1969101-DEC-0108ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1970101-DEC-0118ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1972101-DEC-0001.1ArchitectOriginal buildingDecatur, Newton Co.
D1973143-TUN-0061-DNCArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingTunica, Tunica Co.
D1976079-CRT-0003-NRD-MLArchitectRenovations and RepairsCarthage, Leake Co.
D1982049-JAC-3051Architectadditions/alterationsJackson, Hinds Co.