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Matthes, Carl Emil, Sr. (b.1896 - d.1972)
Architect, Biloxi, MS
Born in Chicago in 1896 to German immigrants, attended college at R.T. Grape Technical School and later, the Beaux Arts Institute of Design in Chicago, while also working as a draftsman in the offices of Chatten & Hammond, 1912-1917. During WWI, he entered the Navy, and served at the Gulfport Naval Training Center, the headquarters of the Seabees Construction Battalions. According to the American Architects Directory, 1962, he spent 1918-1919 as a draftsman in the offices of Howard Van Doran Shaw, and it is unclear at what point he served in the Navy. According to a newspaper account, he stayed on the Gulf Coast after the war, marrying Beula Dukate, a member of a prominent Biloxi family, in 1919. They had three children together. During the Depression, with his business practically destroyed, he worked in construction, but by 1937, business was good enough to join with Juan G. Landry in the firm LANDRY & MATTHES. This firm was based in Hattiesburg, and Matthes initially commuted each day from Biloxi, but later worked out of the Biloxi office. He was registered in Alabama and Mississippi. During his career, Matthes served as president of the State Board of Architecture. In 1960, Carl Jr. joined the firm, but he died young of leukemia in 1964. In 1962, his office was listed at 1640 W. Beach Drive, Biloxi. Many of Matthes' original drawings are now housed at the Biloxi Public Library. See Biloxi Sun-Herald, Sept. 10, 1995, for biographical sketch; see also The Buildings of Biloxi, pp. 39, 66, 93. See American Architects Directory, 1962. The Mississippi Architect, vol. 2, no. 4, p. 21 (1971).
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1922047-BLX-2426-XArchitectRemodelingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1924047-BLX-1169.1-XArchitectWest wingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
Dc.1925047-BLX-4003-XOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1925047-BLX-1015-NR-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
Ac.1925047-BLX-3168-DLArchitect for additionsAdditionBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1926047-BLX-2208-DL-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1926047-GLF-2258-XArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1926047-BLX-2402-XArchitectdining room screenBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1927047-BLX-1169.1-XArchitectEast WingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1928047-BLX-2744-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1929047-BLX-2214.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1931047-BLX-1118Architect--SupervisingOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1939-40049-JAC-0004-NRD-MLArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.