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Matthes, Carl Emil, Jr. (b.1927 - d.1964)
Architect, Hattiesburg, MS
Born in Biloxi, MS, son of CARL EMIL MATTHES, he attended Mississippi State University where he received a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1949. He received a second B.S. from Georgia Tech, graduating with honors in 1952, and a B. Arch. in 1953. A licensed engineer, he was registered as an architect as well. He worked in his father's firm LANDRY & MATTHES, and joined the practice as a partner in 1960, residing at a house he designed at 112 Hillendale Drive in Hattiesburg, but died of leukemia on Aug. 21, 1964. See American Architects Directory, 1962, also Biloxi Sun-Herald, Sept. 10, 1995.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1924047-BLX-1927.1-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1958035-HAT-2991DesignerOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
D1958035-HAT-1698DesignerOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
D1959035-HAT-4027-XArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
D1959035-HAT-4024-NRDArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.