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Hill, Milton Baxter Ellis (b.1917 - d.1979)
Architect/Engineer, Gulfport, MS
Born in Helena, Arkansas, he attended Auburn University (Alabama Polytech), receiving his B. Arch. in 1940, and a B. Civil Engineering in 1944. He was the Architect for Building and Grounds at Auburn from 1940-1943, and taught Elementary Drawing, Building Construction, Steel Design, Concrete Design, and Advanced Structure from 1943-1943. He worked briefly as an Architectural Engineer in the office of Raymond Sizemore in Montgomery, AL, in 1944-1945, and served in the U.S. Navy in 1945 (possibly at the Seabee base in Gulfport), beginning his own firm (Milton B.E. Hill and Associates) that same year in Gulfport. He was registered in Alabama and Mississippi, and was a licensed engineer. He was named chairman of the Gulf Regional Planning Commission when it was organized in 1964 and retained the title for several years. He was treasurer of the commission at the time of his death. He was a member of the Consulting Engineers Council of Mississippi, the American Concrete Institute, the Pre-cast Concrete Institute, and a member of the Gulfport Elks Lodge BPOE 978. A Methodist, he married in 1937 and had four children. Office listed in 1956 and 1962 at 1232 Pass Road, Gulfport, and he resided in 1956 at 911 S. Wanda Place. He was a partner in the firm Hill & Simpkins with Harry Melvin Simkins, Professional Engineer, from 1961 to at least 1970 According to the Social Security Death Index, he died in Gulfport on Feb. 27, 1979 and is buried at Evergreen Gardens Cemetery, Gulfport. See also American Architects Directory, 1956.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D047-GLF-0094ArchitectOriginal Building Gulfport, Harrison Co.
D1948047-LNG-0003.3-XArchitectOriginal buildingLong Beach, Harrison Co.
D1949047-GLF-2678ArchitectOriginal BuildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
Dc.1950047-GLF-2198.2-NRD-MLArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1951047-GLF-1433.2ArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1953047-GLF-3090ArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
?c.1953047-GLF-2636-NRDArchitectoriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1954047-GLF-0101.3-XArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1954047-GLF-2450-XArchitectRear addition--auditorium/lunchroom, etc.Gulfport, Harrison Co.
D1955047-GLF-0190-XArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1955047-GLF-0842-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
?c.1955047-GLF-2627-NRDArchitectoriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1957047-GLF-2591-NRDArchitect for additionsRear AdditionGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1959047-GLF-2005-NRDArchitect/EngineerOriginal BuildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1960047-GLF-3091ArchitectAdditionsGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1960047-GLF-3034-XArchitect4-classroom additionGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1960047-GLF-2450-XArchitect1-classroom additionGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1963-64no fileArchitectoriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1965047-GLF-0032-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1967-69047-GLF-0088Architect--AssociateOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.