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Collins, John Thomas (b.1904 - d.1985)
Architect, Biloxi, MS
Born in Biloxi, MS, he graduated Tulane University School of Architecture with a B. Arch. in 1928. He began independent practice in 1929 in Biloxi. Married in 1942, he had no children by 1956. Served in the Navy Seabees (Construction Battalion) in WWII from 1942-45. After the war, he joined in partnership with WILLIAM J. COLLINS, JR. a civil engineer as COLLINS & COLLINS, and their firm used WILLIAM WIEDORN, landscape architect from New Orleans as its landscape architect of record (see AIA membership application, 1946). His firm was also associated wityh PETER J. TROLIO of Jackson in 1946. In 1956, his office was in the United Building, and his residence at 2227 W. Beach. He was registered to practice in both Mississippi and Louisiana. By 1962, in practice with LEONARD A. COLLINS. He died in October 1985 in Biloxi. See American Architects Directory, 1956.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1930047-BLX-5010.1ArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi vic., Harrison Co.
Dc.1930047-BLX-2405-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1930047-BLX-4027ArchitectOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1932047-GLF-1391.1ArchitectOriginal BuildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1933047-BLX-1142ArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1937047-BLX-3074-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1938-39047-BLX-9002-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1939047-BLX-1921-XSupervising Architectoriginal buildingsBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1939047-BLX-1932-XSupervising Architectoriginal buildingsBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1942047-BLX-2307.2-XArchitectOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1948-49059-OCN-0464.3-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
Dc.1950047-BLX-1183ArchitectOriginal Building Biloxi, Harrison Co.
D1951047-BLX-3061-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1951047-BLX-1018.2-NRD-XArchitectOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1951-1953047-BLX-1712-NR-MLArchitectRenovation by Dogwood Garden ClubBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1952047-BLX-1921-XSupervising Architectadditions/renovations?Biloxi, Harrison Co.
D1952047-BLX-1932-XSupervising ArchitectAdditions?/renovations?Biloxi, Harrison Co.
D1954047-BLX-0084.1Architect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1955047-BLX-1142ArchitectElementary buildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
A1956047-GLF-6006.1ArchitectOriginal buildingGulfport, Harrison Co.
D1957-8047-BLX-4042ArchitectOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1959047-BLX-1030-NRDArchitectOriginal BuildingBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1969059-OCN-0259-DNCArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingOcean Springs, Jackson Co.
D1969047-BLX-1020-NR-NRD-MLArchitectrestorationBiloxi, Harrison Co.
D1976047-BLX-1018.2-NRD-XArchitectRenovations/Facade additionBiloxi, Harrison Co.