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Barber, George Franklin (b.1854 - d.1915)
Architect, Knoxville, TN
Born near Fort Scott, Kansas, but moved in 1884 to DeKalb, IL, where he practiced as Barber & Boardman, contractors and builders. Moved again in 1888, to Knoxville, where he formed the partnership Barber & Parmelee (with MARTIN E. PARMELEE) in 1888, Barber, Parmelee, & Linden in 1889, and Barber & Mould in 1890. For much of the rest of his career, he practiced as George F. Barber & Co, filling an entire floor of a downtown building with draftsmen. From 1902-1907, he formed a partnership with THOMAS A. KLUTTZ as BARBER & KLUTTZ and from 1908-1912, he operated as Barber & Ryno. He achieved his greatest success through frequent publications advertising his plans for houses: The Cottage Souvenir (beginning about 1888), Artistic Homes, How to Plan and How to Build Them (1894), and Modern Dwellings (1901-1907) were three of his numerous publications. Son Charles I. Barber continued the practice. See Herndon, Architects in Tennessee, p. 12.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D?029-HAZ-0315-XArchitectOriginal buildingHazlehurst, Copiah Co.
D1890029-HAZ-0064-NR-NRD-XArchitect/BuilderOriginal buildingHazlehurst, Copiah Co.
A1892103-MAC-5019-NRArchitectOriginal buildingMacon vic., Noxubee Co.
Dc.1897035-HAT-0002-NRDArchitect/BuilderOriginal buildingHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
Dc. 1899059-MOS-0086-NRDArchitect/BuilderOriginal buildingMoss Point, Jackson Co.
Dc. 1900035-HAT-0413-XArchitectStandardized Plan--No. 25G, Modern DwellingsHattiesburg, Forrest Co.
Dc. 1900085-BRK-0707Architectpublished plans--Modern Dwellings, Design #10Brookhaven, Lincoln Co.
Ac. 1900001-NAT-2001-NRArchitect--published plansOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1904085-BRK-0586-NRArchitectOriginal buildingBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1905093-HOL-0089-NRDArchitectOriginal building--Barber Plan #217Holly Springs, Marshall Co.
D1905085-BRK-0585-NRArchitectOriginal building--standardized planBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
A1905043-GRN-0151-NRD-XPrimary ArchitectOriginal building--Modern Dwellings, Plan 203Grenada, Grenada Co.
A1906125-ROL-5001.1Architect--published plansOriginal building--Modern Dwellings, Plan 203Rolling Fork vic., Sharkey Co.
D1906003-COR-0502ArchitectOriginal buildingCorinth, Alcorn Co.
D1907-1908091-COL-0409-NR-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingColumbia, Marion Co.
D1910095-ABN-0087-NRDArchitectOriginal buildingAberdeen, Monroe Co.