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Weiss, Dreyfous, & Seiferth (1927-)
Architect, New Orleans, LA
Firm composed of LEON C. WEISS, SOLIS SEIFERTH and F. Julius Dreyfous. Formed from WEISS & DREYFOUS in 1927. Best known for the design of the Louisiana State Capitol and the Louisana Governor's Mansion (1930), see Poesch and Bacot, Louisiana Buildings, p. 329-331. See also Kingsley, Buildings of Louisiana, 57, 90, 127, 131, 135-136, 144, 158-159, 208-209, 377, 441. DUDLEY H. WHITE was a draftsman for this firm, 1934-1936.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1926001-NAT-1357-NRDGerard Brandon V House, 703 Union Street, NorthArchitectOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
Dc.1926001-NAT-0125-NRDCity Bank & Trust Building (Deposit Guaranty Bank)Architectremodeling/new fa├žadeNatchez, Adams Co.
D1926001-NAT-0699-XNatchez HotelArchitectalterationsNatchez, Adams Co.
D1927001-NAT-4019-NR"Monteigne"ArchitectRemodellingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1927001-NAT-0375-NR-NRDEola HotelArchitectOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1929025-WPT-0124-NRDHenry Clay HotelArchitectOriginal buildingWest Point, Clay Co.