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Shroder, David (b.c.1822 - d.)
According to the 1860 Census, at which time, he was residing at the building site of Windsor, Shroder was a native of Maryland, aged 38, and was a "Master Mechanic." He was married to Jane A. Shroder, a native of Canada, and at Windsor, he managed a crew of at least 20 carpenters, plasterers, mason, and painter.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
?c.1853021-PAT-4001-XDarden House, Architect/BuilderOriginal buildingPattison vic., Claiborne Co.
?1856021-GGF-2001-XHighland Plantation House, Architect/BuilderOriginal buildingGrand Gulf vic., Claiborne Co.
D1857063-LOR-6004-NR-ML"Rosswood"Architect/BuilderOriginal buildingLorman vic., Jefferson Co.
D1859-61021-ALC-1001-NR-ML"Windsor" [ruins]Architect/BuilderOriginal buildingAlcorn vic., Claiborne Co.