Artisan Profile


Moor, Robert James (b.1892 - d.1971)
Architect, Greenwood, MS
Born in Chicago, IL, he attended the Art Institute (or Armour Institute, in newspaper article), 1912-1913, before becoming a draftsman for John A. Nyden, 1914-1915, and then a Draftsman-Designer for the Architect of the Rock Island RR in 1916. Perhaps through this work, he met FRANK P. GATES and worked in his office (in Clarksdale) in 1917 as Chief Draftsman and Designer. He served during WWI in the 256th Aero Squadron, 1917-1918. He returned to the MS Delta to work as "Ch. Of Br." for CHARLES A. PFIEL's Memphis firm in Clarksdale, essentially a branch office? in the years 1919-1923. He then briefly worked for FRANK R. MCGEOY in 1924, another Memphis architect with a branch office in Greenwood. In 1925, he began practicing independently and continued for the rest of his career in Greenwood. Married in 1923, he had three children. He was a member of the Episcopal Church, and an early member of the Mississippi AIA, serving as its president in 1940. AIA membership address in 1962 at Destin, FL, but he died in Greenwood. See American Architects Directory, 1956. See also Greenwood Commonwealth Delta Review June 1929, Section C, p. 2.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
 1916-17083-GRE-0129-NRDHotel Irving (Alluvian Hotel)Greenwood, Leflore Co.
D1923027-CLK-0590-NRDMasonic Temple {Clarksdale Lodge No. 286, F&AM}ArchitectOriginal buildingClarksdale, Coahoma Co.
 c. 1925083-GRE-0304-NRDThe MillbeckGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1928083-GRE-0453-NRDSumter Gillespie House, 705 Grand BoulevardArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1928-29027-CLK-1002Beth Israel SynagogueArchitectOriginal buildingClarksdale, Coahoma Co.
D1929083-GRE-0292-NRDPhysicians and Surgeons BuildingArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1929083-MRG-0020.2-XMorgan City Consolidated School (White) (vocational building), Morgan City Consolidated White School complexArchitectOriginal buildingMorgan City, Leflore Co.
D1930083-GRE-0043-NRD-MLGreenwood City Hall and Fire Station No. 1ArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
 1930083-GRE-0043-NRD-MLGreenwood City Hall and Fire Station No. 1Greenwood, Leflore Co.
D1936083-GRE-0533.1-XGreenwood High School (Negro), Stone Street Negro School complexArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1936083-MIN-0006.2-XFrank Streater Consolidated School (White) (vocational building), Frank Streater Consolidated SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingMinter City, Leflore Co.
D1938083-GRE-0547-XReiman House Hotel (Hotel Greenwood Leflore), 209 Front Street, WestArchitect5-story annex--not builtGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1939-40049-JAC-0004-NRD-MLWar Memorial Building, on Old Capitol GreenArchitect--AssociateOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1940083-ITA-0125.2-NRDItta Bena Grammar School (White) (secondary classroom building), Itta Bena Consolidated White School campusArchitectOriginal buildingItta Bena, Leflore Co.
D1941083-GRE-0129-NRDHotel Irving (Alluvian Hotel)ArchitectremodellingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1949151-LND-8101-XAdministration Building (Building #1532), Delta Branch Experiment Station (Stoneville)ArchitectAddition/renovationsLeland vic., Washington Co.
D1949083-SID-0002.2Cafeteria (Sidon Town Hall? ), Sidon School (White) complexArchitectOriginal BuildingSidon, Leflore Co.
D1950083-GRE-0538.2-XMcLaurin Street School (Negro) (elementary building), McLaurin Street Negro SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1951083-GRE-3017St. Francis of Assisi School (Catholic)ArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood vic., Leflore Co.
D1951133-RUL-0008North Sunflower County Hospital (Ruleville Hospital)Architect--AssociateOriginal buildingRuleville, Sunflower Co.
D1952083-GRE-0535Kathleen Bankston School (North Greenwood Elementary II)ArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1952083-GRE-0532.1Administration Building, Threadgill School ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1953083-GRE-0245.1-NRD-MLLeflore County Courthouse, 310 Market Street, WestArchitectAdditionGreenwood, Leflore Co.
D1955083-GRE-0288-NRD-ML(Old) Greenwood Leflore LibraryArchitectAdditionGreenwood, Leflore Co.