Artisan Profile


Little-Cleckler Construction Co. (c.1910s)
Builder/Contractor, Anniston, AL
Firm composed of F.M. Cleckler (a former superintendent for the M.T. LEWMAN CONSTRUCTION CO.), J.R. Cleckler, and W.L. Little. Bid on new courthouse for Harrison Co. in 1916, but not awarded contract. The firm dissolved by 1920. Cleckler was the grandfather of Robert Cleckler Bowden, better known as Bobby Bowden, the well-known college football coach.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1912-13077-MON-0001-NR-MLLawrence County Courthouse, 517 Broad StreetBuilder/ContractorOriginal buildingMonticello, Lawrence Co.
D1912129-RAL-0001-MLSmith County Courthouse, Builder/ContractorOriginal buildingRaleigh, Smith Co.
D1913-14037-MDV-0001-NR-MLFranklin County Courthouse, Builder/ContractorOriginal buildingMeadville, Franklin Co.
D1915155-WLT-0002-ML-XWebster County Courthouse, Builder/ContractorOriginal buildingWalthall, Webster Co.
D1916-17147-TYL-0001-NR-MLWalthall County Courthouse, Builder/ContractorOriginal buildingTylertown, Walthall Co.
D1916147-TYL-0002-NRE(Old) Walthall County Jail, behind courthouse, Builder/ContractorOriginal buildingTylertown, Walthall Co.