Location Information
(for the Van Dorn House)
Name:Van Dorn House ["The Hill"]
Address:Van Dorn Drive
City/County:Port Gibson, Claiborne County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1830
Architectural Styles(s):Federal
No. of Stories:2.5
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:21 Jun 1971
    MPS:Historic Resources of Port Gibson
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This house was constructed c.1830 by Peter A. Van Dorn, who was prominent in territorial and early statehood politics. Peter Van Dorn's son, Earl, won fame in both the Mexican and Civil Wars.

It was individually listed on the National Register on 21 June 1971, and it was later included as a component of the "Historic Resources of Port Gibson" (Port Gibson Multiple Resource Area (MRA)), which was listed on 22 July 1979. It received an HPF grant in the late 1970s, and it later received a grant of $7,000 under the Emergency Jobs Act of 1983.

This house is included in "Architecture in Claiborne County, Mississippi" (1974) (p. 74), "The State of Mississippi – Historic Properties" (1982) (p. 7), and "Must See Mississippi" (2007) (pp. 25-27).

[HABS: MS-205 (four photos – three exterior views of the house and one view of the outbuilding – made by Jack E. Boucher in April 1972)]