Location Information
(for the Old Philadelphia Library)
Name:(Old) Philadelphia Library
Address:Northside Park, Miss. Hwy. 15
City/County:Philadelphia, Neshoba County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1935
Architectural Styles(s):Rustic
Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:2011 pg 3431
Easement Information
Date Signed:04-12-2012
Easement Type:Façade Easement
Book/Vol. No.:V. 2012 Pg. 1255-6
The old Philadelphia Library was built in 1933 as a project of the Twentieth Century Club with funding from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Originally constructed on the lot just north of Philadelphia’s white public school on Byrd Street, the simple one-story Rustic-style log cabin was built with materials donated by various local civic, business, and religious organizations, and the Neshoba Democrat noted that the building was "made completely of local materials." The stone for the massive chimney was quarried from the nearby Deemer community and hauled by volunteers with trucks.

During and after its service as the public library, the building was also used for parties and as a student hangout. In the 1970s, the high school expanded and a new larger public library was built; at this time, the log cabin was moved intact to its current site at Northside Park, on old Highway 15. Here it continued in public use as a community meeting house for 40 years until the severe damage inflicted on the building by falling pine trees during the tornado of April 27, 2011.

The old Philadelphia Library was designated a Mississippi Landmark on June 21, 2011. It was awarded a $112,276 Mississippi Landmark Grant in 2011 to assist with reconstruction costs. The reconstruction was completed soon thereafter.

Brief Description
The one-story log building is rectangular and topped with a gable roof of asphalt shingles. A stone chimney stands on the exterior on the east gable end and was relatively undamaged by the storm. Originally, a smaller wing under a secondary gable extended off the end opposite the chimney; this wing was expanded somewhat, possibly after the move to Northside Park, and at the time of the storm was fully engaged with the main block and under the same gable roof. The round logs are connected at the corners with saddle notches and a Portland cement mortar serves as chinking material. Wood planks stained to match the logs have been fitted over this chinking over the years as a protective measure. The interior, primarily consisting of one large room, had been damaged in an arson’s fire in the 1980s but was simply finished, with board-and-batten walls and original wood floor. Windows were replaced at the time of this fire and were aluminum 1/1 sash before the storm. Most of these have been destroyed and should be replaced with wood sash more in keeping with the originals (which from what can be gleaned from the historic photograph of the building were possibly 6/6 double-hung sash).
(old) Philadelphia Library: Miss. Landmark Significance Report, June 2011