Location Information
(for the Winona High School II)
Name:Winona High School (II) [Winona Jr. & Sr. High School]
Address:301 Fairground Street
Winona School Complex
City/County:Winona, Montgomery County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1925
No. of Stories:1 & 2
Registration Information
NR District Name:Winona
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:214a
This building (apparently the 1948 high school addition) was included in the "List of Outstanding School Buildings" published in the 1950-51 edition of The American School and University.
Brief Description
One and two-story, school building consisting of three distinct sections including the 1925 original school building and a later 1948 major addition with a raised protruding annexed gymnasium. Additional buildings, connecting breezeways and bleachers complete the large complex.

1925 Section: One and two-story, brick veneer and cast stone, original school section with two main entrances located on the two-story portion bordering one-story wings, one of which is now incorporated into the two-story 1948 addition. The building is topped by a flat roof featuring a decorative parapet capped by cast stone above a soldier course at the cornice line. It has a continuous brick foundation that rises to a cast stone water table located below bands of partially covered, metal, combination awing and fixed windows on the first floor, which are surrounded by cast stone detailing and decorative brickwork. The windows of the second story are multi-paned metal frame combination awning and fixed type with a shared cast stone sill and are surrounded by ornamental brickwork with applied caststone detailing including a crowning centered cartouche. The two entrances flanking the central portion are identical. Both contain paired replacement wooden doors set within extended height cast-stone enframements capped by 12-pane divided transoms and single cast-stone cartouches. Both sets of entry stairs are cast concrete flanked by brick cheek walls with concrete capstones covered by modern metal gabled porticos.

Two-story, brick veneer and cast stone, central section with a prominent full-height, flat-roofed, entry porch supported by four colossal brick columns and an annexed gymnasium. The main entrance is composed of four wooden doors with three upper panes topped by three-light transoms surrounded by a cast stone enframement crowned by a cast stone panel inscribed with W.H.S. Also within the entry porch are two single steel windows with cast stone sills on the first floor and a row of paired windows with similar sills on the second floor. All other windows located on the central portion, outside the porch, are steel, paired, combination fixed and operable awning type with cast stone sills. This centered section is built on slab and has a flat parapeted roof with concrete capping.

The attached gymnasium located on the northernmost end of the primary facade is clad in
brick veneer with a flat roof and raised foundation featuring rectangular vents and a centered,
one-story, extended wing entry porch. The main entrance is composed of three metal doors
set within a window wall of paired double pane sidelights and an eight pane divided light
transom . A concrete overhang extending off of the flat roof of the winged addition covers the
curved entryway. The entry stairs are concrete and the windows flanking the entrance are
paired steel combination awning and fixed.