Location Information
(for the East Wing)
Name:East Wing
Address:Jefferson College
City/County:Washington, Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1818-21
Architectural Styles(s):Federal
No. of Stories:3
Registration Information
NR District Name:Jefferson College (1970)
    Element No.:1
Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:V. 16-V, p. 178
Designed by architect Levi Weeks in 1817 and built from 1818 to 1821, the East Wing of Jefferson College is the oldest educational building in Mississippi and one of the two most prominent components of the Jefferson College complex.
Brief Description
A three-story Federal Style academic building of brick construction, with a slate roof.
Historic Information
The East Wing was built in 1818-20 as the main academic and dormitory building of Jefferson College. It served as the main building for 21 years, until gutted by a fire in 1841. It was partially repaired in 1842, but then boarded up for several years. It was put back into use in 1846, and served again thereafter as the main academic building for the college for the next 118 years, until the school closed in 1964. In 1895 it was incorporated into a larger building complex by the construction of the Gymnasium, which was built in the space between the East and West Wings. At that time, the East Wing was remodeled by the construction of a two-story iron gallery across most of its fa├žade. The gallery and the Gymnasium were removed in 1972, and the exterior of the East Wing was largely returned to its pre-1895 appearance. As it stands today, the exterior of the building has much the same appearance as it did from 1820 until 1895. The interior of the East Wing has not been restored. It retains much of its architectural character from its internal reconstruction in 1846, with a few features surviving from before 1841, but there are also interior features from later periods. - from the historical research supplement to the Historic Structure Report (2012).