Location Information
(for the Confederate and World War I Monument)
Name:Confederate and World War I Monument
Address:Main Street
on Courthouse grounds
City/County:Poplarville, Pearl River County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1926
Brief Description
A sculptural group consisting of three statues – a Confederate soldier, a World War I soldier, and a woman (representing the contributions of women in both the Civil War and World War I) – arrayed around a tall tablet surmounted by a stone eagle; very similar to the monument in Belzoni.

One-story, marble, tripartite monument with central column flanked by wing walls, benches, and lower pedestals all raised on two stacked marble bases that form steps. There is a carved marble eagle facing west atop the central column that has a smooth cornice and geometric frieze with guttae. In front of the
column (west side) is a lower pedestal with a World War I soldier. The pedestals on the north and south sides are topped with statues of a woman (representing the contributions of women in both wars) and a confederate soldier, respectively. All statues face east.

Historic Information
The United Daughters of the Confederacy raised $8,500 in 1926 for construction of the monument that was designed by the Columbus Marble Works located in Columbus, Mississippi. The monument shares similar statue designs to other United Daughters of the Confederacy monuments including the Confederate Mothers Monument in Texarkana, Texas. The pedestals have inscriptions stating the purpose of each statue including a memorial "to the beloved women of the Confederacy and the World War."