Location Information
(for the "The Oaks")
Name:"The Oaks"
Address:201 Central Avenue, South
City/County:Winona, Montgomery County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1870
Architectural Styles(s):Neoclassical
No. of Stories:2
Registration Information
NR District Name:Winona
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:115a
A two-story, wood-frame Greek Revival house that has been remodeled with Neoclassical features. It now has a colonnade of four Roman Ionic columns.
Brief Description
Two- story, wood frame, Greek Revival residence remodeled in the Neoclassical style, with
full height and full-width entry porch supported by four Ionic columns and two pilasters with
a continuous brick foundation and two one-story side wings. The building is topped by an
asphalt shingled side-gable roof, lined with a delicate turned wood balustrade. The primary
facade is five-bays (first floor: W; W; D; W; W, second floor: W; W; D; W; W) and is clad in
wood weatherboard. The main entry door is wood paneled and is surrounded by divided-pane
sidelights and a divided light transom, all of which feature decorative wood muntin patterns.
The entryway is framed by a classical enframement with a simple molded entablature supported by fluted Ionic pita ters and fronted by concrete entry stairs lined with stucco
cheek walls. The wood panel door of the second floor, with wood, diamond-pane sidelights
and transom, opens onto a wooden balcony, with a simple wood balustrade supported from
below by four molded wood scroll brackets. The windows of the second floor are wood 1/ l
sash with louvered shutters. The first floor contains full-length, wood, diamond-pane,
casement windows with diamond-pane transom , louvered shutters and fitted screens. The
main portion of the building features a denticulated cornice, rectangular gable vents, and a
brick, gable-end chimney. Extending from behind the chimney is a one-story, flat-roof, sunporch
wing. It has a cornice line balustrade matching that of the main portion of the building
and a triplet l 0-pane with 2-pane transom window located over molded panels flanked by
paired Doric pilasters. An open, one-story, porte cochere is present on the right elevation. It
has a flat roof with a cornice line balustrade that is supported by paired Ionic columns set
upon brick piers with cement capstones.