Location Information
(for the Garner's Gulf Service station)
Name:Garner's Gulf Service station
Address:Magnolia Street
City/County:Winona, Montgomery County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1924
No. of Stories:1
Registration Information
NR District Name:Winona
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:313
Formerly listed in Winona Commercial Historic District as element #28, 'contributing'.
Brief Description
One-story, brick, shed-type gas station building with a hipped deck roof canopy extending
from the main building across to what was the pump island supported by two square brick
columns on cement bases. It has a two bay facade (D; W) and a continuous brick foundation
with a stucco belt course on the main building as well as on the columns. The window is
wood 7 pane fixed in a 3/3/1 design with 3/1 wood sash windows existing on the side elevations. The main entry door is wood paneled with a single pane and transom light,
shielded behind a metal bar security door. The ceiling of the canopy is clad with pressed tin
Historic Information
Supposedly constructed in 1924 by a Mr. Saul for the Gulf Oil Company. In the late 1930's, Barksdale Garner was hired to work at the station by then owner Frank Gray. Presumably, Garner took over ownership of the station upon Mr. Gray's retirement. The station was still in operation as late as 1993.