Location Information
(for the Spratt-Herndon House)
Name:Spratt-Herndon House [Barrett House]
Address:305 Madison Street, East
City/County:Aberdeen, Monroe County
Architectural Information
Architectural Styles(s):Gothic Revival, Greek Revival, Italianate
No. of Stories:1.5
Begun, apparently as a one-story house, in 1844 for Henry Spratt, this house was given an elaborate two-story façade by Mrs. Edward Herndon, probably about 1870. It was a remarkable hip-foofed, wood-frame colonnaded I-house with Italianate and late Greek Revival features. Its most notable features were the eight paired “pierced columns” that made up its colonnade, an unusual paneled façade, and an elaborate cornice with paired brackets. It was demolished in 1938. Included in Mary Carol Miller’s Lost Mansions of Mississippi. [HABS: MS-75 (1936)]