Location Information
(for the "Saragossa")
City/County:Natchez vic., Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1820
No. of Stories:1
Remodeling Date:c.1855
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:24 Nov 1980
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Saragossa is an unusual and outstanding example of an early vernacular residence of the Natchez area. Its architectural style reflects the West Indian influence that characterized the architecture of the Natchez region in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Although historians unfamiliar with the unique history of Natchez often characterize such buildings as Spanish in architectural character, the West Indian tradition is substantiated historically. [HABS: MS-152 (1940)]

"Saragossa was standing by 1826, when a survey map was drawn that depicted the house and eight slave quarters to the rear. Whether or not Saragossa was built during the earlier territorial period is impossible to prove. Goodspeed's BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL MEMOIRS OF MISSISSIPPI describes Saragossa as an 'old Spanish building,' which was 'formerly surrounded by a brick wall, probably for protection against the Indians' (Vol II, p. 792). However, no physical clues remain to date Saragossa earlier than the 1820s. The house was totally remodeled when it was enlarged in the late 1850s, but one pair of glazed doors in the main house and two mantel pieces, now installed in the remaining slave quarters, date to the 1820s period" (Mimi Miller, Historic Natchez Foundation, c.1986).