Location Information
(for the Fleckenstein Grocery)
Name:Fleckenstein Grocery
Address:1501 Martin Luther King Boulevard
City/County:Vicksburg, Warren County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1838-9
No. of Stories:2
Brief Description
Two-story residence with painted brick veneer, facing south, with a metal covered side-gable roof and four stuccoed brick end chimneys. There is a two-tier, full-facade porch with a shed roof supported by metal poles on the first floor and turned posts on the second floor. There is a plain balustrade on the second floor. The left corner of the porch has been enclosed and is clad in masonite, concealing a staircase. There are four bays on the first floor; a single-leaf flush wood door with a boarded up transom, a window in-filled with a new sash, an entry which was also originally a single-leaf door with sidelights and transom, and a window, also in-filled with a new sash. On the second floor are four bays, all with non-original windows and doors; a door with a transom, window, another door with transom and window. Closed eaves.
Historic Information
The structure was built by Christian Fleckenstein in 1838-39 as a multi-purpose structure, with a grocery on the bottom floor and private living quarters above. Fleckenstein continued to operate the store until his death in 1863. In 1906, the building was purchased by Joseph Caccaro in 1906. The Caccaro family continued to use the building for its original purpose until 1965, when it was renovated as the Jack and Jill Day Care Center. The Caccaro family continued to own the building until 1985, when it was sold and converted into apartments.