Location Information
(for the Cates-Gaither House)
Name:Cates-Gaither House ["The Cedars"]
Address:211 Main Street, East
City/County:Fulton, Itawamba County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1859
Architectural Styles(s):Greek Revival, Craftsman
Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:055625
Easement Information
Date Signed:04-02-2013
Easement Type:Preservation/Maintenance
The Cates-Gaither House is an antebellum planters cottage that was altered around 1951 after an ice storm damaged the roof. On the exterior, the house now conveys this 20th century character, in a simplified Craftsman or bungalow style. A second glance at the windows and the double-leaf main entrance, however, gives away the original character, and the interior of the house is still primarily antebellum in character. In plan, the house began as a center hall with two rooms on either side, and on the west side, a third room creating a rear wing. The center hall probably continued as an exterior porch along this rear wing. Probably during the 1951 renovation, a third room was added to the east side, and the center area enclosed, leaving the house as a simple rectangle, as it is today.
Historic Information
The Cates-Gaither House was built by Pleasant Cates, a ship builder and merchant, in 1859, and is one of two antebellum homes in Fulton. Cates also built the other house, Aeolian Grove, which he gave to his daughter. Cates then built his home, which he called “The Cedars,” for a line of cedar trees which continues to grow on the property. Cates operated a cotton gin on the property. In 1901, William “Bill” Gaither acquired the property and furnishings from Cates and his descendants lived in the home until 2007.
Cates-Gaither House: Mississippi Landmark Significance Report 4-14-2011 Bill Gatlin, MDAH