Location Information
(for the "Longwood")
Address:140 Lower Woodville Road
City/County:Natchez, Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1860-61
Architectural Styles(s):Moorish
No. of Stories:2.5
Registration Information
NHL Listing Date:16 Dec 1969
NR Listing Date:16 Dec 1969
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Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:V. 20-B, p. 172
The largest and most elaborate octagonal house ever built in the United States, this fabulous structure was begun on the eve of the Civil War, but was never completed, because the owner was financially ruined by the war. The house is the subject of The Heritage of Longwood, and “The Landscape and Architecture of Longwood” by Harold Coolidge (Arris, 1993). Also included in The Great Houses of Natchez (pp. 64-68), Historic Architecture in Mississippi (pp. 42-46), Classic Natchez, Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi – Alabama, Architecture of the Old South (summary volume) (pp. 313-315), and Mary Carol Miller’s Great Houses of Mississippi (pp. 134-141). [HABS: MS-1 (1936)]