Location Information
(for the Shady Nook Service Station)
Name:Shady Nook Service Station
Address:944 Poplar Boulevard
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1928
Architectural Styles(s):Neoclassical
No. of Stories:1
Remodeling Date:1933
Registration Information
NR District Name:Belhaven
NR Status:Non-Contributing
Element No.:813
Local Designation Information
Local District Name:Belhaven Historic District
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This building was built about 1928 as a service station.

Because of later alterations, it is listed as a non-contributing element (element #813) in the Belhaven Historic District, which was placed on the National Register on 18 December 2012.

It is included in "Jackson Landmarks" (1982) (p. 92) and is mentioned in "Buildings of Mississippi" (2020) (p. 254).

Brief Description
One-story, former service station with a cross-gable roof of asphalt shingles. The service station was converted into an office in the 1970s. The building has cross front facing gable roof porticos supported by Greek Doric columns. The columns support an entablature below the pediment of the gable. A portion of each portico has been filled in with glass. There is a curved wall which connects the cross gable porticoes. The main portico facing the street has an arched wall entry. Behind that wall is the glass wall with a glass entry door.
Historic Information
The gas station was built about 1928 in the Greek Revival style. The classical columns supporting the front portico were added by architect A. Hays Town in an early renovation project. This building is known as Shady Nook. The columns are cast stone and were added in 1933. The station, later a grocery store, was a hangout for the Belhaven ollege girls who engaged in smoking cigarettes there and drinking soft drinks. The building has bays that were used to wash cars on one side; grease and service on the other. This property is listed in the 1927-1928 Jackson City Directory and present on the 1948 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. In 1978 the architectural firm of Goodman and Mockbee of Jackson renovated for their offices the 50-year old Phillips 66 Station.