Location Information
(for the original University Hospital)
Name:(original) University Hospital
Address:2500 State Street, North
University Medical Center
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1952-55
Architectural Styles(s):International, Modern
No. of Stories:8
Mississippi Landmark Information
The “Old University Hospital” on the campus of the University Medical Center was completed in 1955. The eight-story buff-colored T-shaped brick building was built to house Mississippi’s first comprehensive medical school. The building encloses more than 10 acres of floor space and united under one roof the three related components of medical education: classrooms, laboratories for research and a 350-bed hospital for clinical training. The building was designed by a consortium of three of Jackson’s most noted architects: E. L. Malvaney, R. W. Naef, and N.W. Overstreet. Hill-Burton federal register of 1968 indicates that the hospital was first approved for funding in 1951 for the construction of a 300-bed capacity hospital, and it received funding in 1965 for an additional 149 beds.

The International style is reflected in the ribbon windows and curtain walls. It was noted at the time of construction that the building was designed so that it could be expanded without losing its continuity. The original building has had additions to the south, north and east, but retains its individual identity, especially in the upper floors. Some interior spaces have been altered to meet new needs. However, the classrooms and laboratories retain integrity.

Prior to opening of the medical school, Mississippi only offered two years of medical training. Students had to leave the state to finish their medical training, with many choosing not to return to their home state to practice. This “brain drain” caused great concern and efforts to expand in-state training were finally successful in 1950 when Governor Wright signed House Bill 628 authorizing the Building Commission to construct and equip a four-year medical school. Ground was broken 5 December 1952 and the building was dedicated on October 24, 1955. In addition to the medical school, the building also housed the schools of nursing and medical technology.
Memorandum of Agreement between MDAH and UMMC re: Original University Hospital 1-21-2009 MDAH/UMMC