Location Information
(for the Walthall Hotel Downtowner Hotel)
Name:Walthall Hotel (Downtowner Hotel)
Address:225 Capitol Street, East
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1929
No. of Stories:8
Registration Information
NR District Name:Smith Park Architectural (Boundary Increase III)
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:4
Brief Description
Eight-story hotel building covered with metal panels (originally brightly colored) erected in 1928-29 and renovated in c. 1963 to include the panels. Ten bays across the front facade. Bays contain one-over-one aluminum sash. At the first-floor and mezzanine level of the front facade, stucco units are subdivided to mimic cyclopean masonry. Limestone base beneath. Wooden entry doors. Brass light fixtures with globes mounted on the facade astride the entry. Arched fabric entry canopy. Arched wooden windows covered by arched fabric awnings. At the east side of the building, exterior corridors are lit by horizontal openings. A large courtyard with swimming pools was created at the rear of the T-shaped plan during the c. 1963 remodeling.
Historic Information
Erected in 1928 by the Walthall Hotel Company. Exterior altered c.1965 with metal panelling.