Location Information
(for the First National Bank Building)
Name:First National Bank Building [Trustmark Building]
Address:248 Capitol Street, East
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1956
Architectural Styles(s):International
No. of Stories:14
Registration Information
NR District Name:Smith Park Architectural (Boundary Increase III)
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:12
First National Bank of Jackson was formed in 1949 by the consolidation of Capital National Bank and the Jackson-State National Bank. This building was erected on the site of the old Capitol National Bank Building (049-JAC-0173-X), which was demolished in 1954. The building received a large addition on the north side in 1961. First National Bank became Trustmark National Bank about 1986-87. Included in Jackson Landmarks (p. 39). This building was included in the original Smith Park Architectural District as a non-contributing element, but its status was changed to contributing in the Smith Park Architectural District Boundary Increase No. 3), which focused on the post-World War II expansion and modernization of downtown Jackson.