Location Information
(for the W.J. Quarles House and Cottage)
Name:W.J. Quarles House and Cottage
Address:181 Old Pass Road, East
Moved from 120/122 East Railroad Street
City/County:Long Beach, Harrison County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1892
No. of Stories:2
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:16 Oct 1980
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Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:V. 2013, p. 8975
Easement Information
Date Signed:01-07-2011
Easement Type:Preservation/Maintenance
Book/Vol. No.:Book 2011 Pg. 1869D-J1
The Quarles House is significant for its association with W.J. Quarles, one of the most prominent early setters of Long Beach. It is a symmetrical, five-bay, two-story, wood frame center-gabled house, built in 1892 (or 1894), that originally has a double gallery with lathe-turned posts and jigsawn balustrade and trim, but the galleries were removed following damage by Hurricane Camille, and had not been restored by the time the house was nominated to the National Register in 1980. Adjacent to the house is a small, two-room cottage, built in the late 19th century--in this cottage are stored the original decorative wood brackets from the removed porch. The house and cottage were listed on the National Register on 16 October 1980. Recognized by MHT as one of the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi in 2003. The owner moved the house about 400 feet to the northeast in April 2011. The Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places approved the proposed move on December 6, 2010 and final approval on February 3, 2012.