Location Information
(for the Bank of Gulfport)
Name:Bank of Gulfport [Hancock Bank]
Address:2500 14th Street
City/County:Gulfport, Harrison County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1928
Architectural Styles(s):Neoclassical
No. of Stories:8
Registration Information
NR District Name:Gulfport Harbor Square Commercial
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:25
An eight-story brick-and-ashlar office building exhibiting a combination of Renaissance and Neoclassical stylistic features. The entrance has distyle-in-antis aedicular arrangement.
Brief Description
Eight story, Neoclassical, brick and ashlar block office building with a flat roof behind a projecting cast stone cornice. Below the cornice is a cast stone string course with decorative detailing and on the main fa´┐Żade above the string course is a cast stone shield surrounded by a braided wreath. The first two stories of the building are covered in ashlar blocks on a granite water table and above that the building is sided in brick. The entrance to the building is recessed under a two-story opening supported by Roman Doric columns and square pilasters with capitals and bases. The recessed entrance has a two-story window wall with the double-leaf entry doors surrounded by cast stone panels. The windows surrounding the door are plate glass in metal frames with a grid pattern and diagonal divisions. Outside of the recessed entrance the first and second floors have a single bay (W-Paired) to each side of the opening with the first floor having 1/1 metal single hung sash windows and casement window on the second floor matching the window division pattern of the windows that surround the entry door. Floors three to six have five-bays (W-Paired, W, D, W, W-Paired) with 1/1 metal single hung sash windows. The seventh and eighth floor each have five-bays (W-Paired, W, W, W, W-Paired) and the seventh floor has a balcony supported by cast stone brackets that has a cast stone balustrade. The balcony is framed in cast stone detailing in a quoin pattern and cast stone pilasters between the windows that open to the balcony. The quoining and pilasters extend to the eighth floor and terminate in arches over each of the three windows. In between the pilasters that extend from the seventh to the eighth floor are cast stone panels, each with a shield, between the windows on each floor. On the seventh and eighth floors the paired windows are 1/1 metal single hung sash and the single windows are paired casement windows with eight divisions each. The casement windows on the eighth floor have an arched transom divided vertically into five divisions.