Location Information
(for the "Beauvoir" [Jefferson Davis House])
Name:"Beauvoir" [Jefferson Davis House]
Address:2244 Beach Boulevard
City/County:Biloxi, Harrison County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1854
Architectural Styles(s):Greek Revival
Registration Information
NHL Listing Date:07 Nov 1973
NR Listing Date:03 Sep 1971
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Mississippi Landmark Information
Book/Vol. No.:V. 165, p. 38
Easement Information
No. of Active Easements:3
Date Signed:04-09-2002
Easement Type:Preservation/Maintenance
Book/Vol. No.:V. 391, pp. 94-96
Date Signed:04-28-2003
Easement Type:Preservation/Maintenance
Date Signed:08-30-2011
Easement Type:Preservation/Maintenance
Book/Vol. No.:Book 2012 - 571 D - J2
Local Designation Information
Local Landmark Listing Date:07 Sep 2010
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This was the retirement home of Jefferson Davis, where he resided from 1877 until his death in 1889. The house was seriously damaged by Hurricane Katrina on 29 August 2005, but was subsequently restored.

Beauvoir was listed on the National Register on 3 September 1971, and it was designated a National Historic Landmark on 7 November 1973. It was designated a Mississippi Landmark on 24 October 1985.

The house and its history are addressed in the booklet "Beauvoir: A Walk Through History" by James West Thompson (1988). It is included in the books "Shrines to Yesterday" (1968), "Historic Architecture in Mississippi" (1973) (pp. 93-95), "The Buildings of Biloxi" (1976, 2000, and 2010), "Great Houses of Mississippi" (2004) (pp.44-47), "The Majesty of Eastern Mississippi and the Coast" (2004) (pp. 87-88), "Southern Splendor: Saving Architectural Treasures of the Old South" (2018) (pp. 62-72), and "Buildings of Mississippi" (2020) (pp. 353-354, GC36).

[HABS: MS-12 (1936)]