Location Information
(for the Main Street Railway Bridge Crossing #300721D Underpass)
Name:Main Street Railway Bridge Crossing #300721D (Underpass)
City/County:Greenwood, Leflore County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1938
The Greenwood Underpass was built to allow traffic on Main Street to pass under the railroad tracks of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad. Built in 1938 by the Mississippi State Highway Department utilizing WPA funds, the underpass contributed to the commercial growth of Greenwood and enhanced its position as a transportation hub. The underpass met two important WPA goals: eliminating rail grade crossings and constructing new highways. Innovative engineering techniques allowed the railroad to remain in operation during the construction. The nomination was written by Marion Howard, a member of the board of Main Street Greenwood, Inc. Due to owner objection to listing, the Greenwood Underpass was determined eligible for listing by the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places on November 12, 2008.