Location Information
(for the Wiener House)
Name:Wiener House
Address:228 Ridge Drive
City/County:Jackson, Hinds County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1951
Architectural Styles(s):International
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:02 Nov 2009
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The Wiener House at 228 Ridge Drive is a rare International style house located in Jackson’s Woodland Hills neighborhood. Designed by Shreveport architects Samuel and William Wiener for their cousin, Dr. William Weiner, the house is a mature interpretation of the International Style executed by two of the South’s early modern architects. The house, built in 1951 with an addition credited solely to William Wiener in 1957, has smooth planar exterior walls, an inclined flat roof and large banks of windows that serve to merge interior and exterior spaces that reflect the principles the Wieners studied on extensive visits to Europe in the 1920s. Dr. Stephanie Busbea, the homeowner, wrote the National Register nomination.