Fact Sheet for Greenville Commercial (Boundary Increase I) Historic District
District Name:Greenville Commercial (Boundary Increase I)
City:GreenvilleCounty: Washington
Listing Date:14 Nov 2012
Number of Resources:121
District Abbreviation:GC-BI
Sponsorship:CLG grant
Preparer:Russell Archer, consultant
The Greenville Commercial Historic District Boundary Extension NO. 1 consists of 121 buildings that are located primarily along Washington Street and Main Street, between Poplar Street and Delesseps Street in downtown Greenville, the county seat of Washington County. The Greenville Commercial Historic District Boundary Extension No. 1 encompasses approximately 63 acres. There are 77 contributing resources and 43 non-contributing resources within the district. There is one additional property that has been previously listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The non-contributing resources fall into one of two categories: 1) those that were built prior to 1966 and have been greatly altered and/or have lost historic integrity and 2) those constructed after the period of significance, which end in 1966.
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