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Malvaney, Edgar Lucian (b.1896 - d.1970)
Architect, Jackson, MS
Born in Jackson, MS, and studied at MSU for one year (1917), before seeing service in the U.S. Army (American Expeditionary Force) in France during WWI. He remained in France after the war, studying architecture for six months at the A.E.F. School of Architecture in Le Mans and Paris, but returned to Jackson by 1919, when he worked for a number of local firms for the next decade: Drafting and Superintending for H.N. AUSTIN (1919-20); Draftsman for E.J. HULL (his cousin--1920-21); Drafting and Superintendant for T.C. LINK (1921-23); and Head Draftsman for C.H. LINDSLEY (1923-26). During this time, he also received his diploma from Washington University in St. Louis for "Special Arch." in 1922. In 1926, he became a partner in the firm HULL & MALVANEY, with EMMETT HULL. Leaving this partnership in 1931, he practiced independently for many years, designing a number of buildings and planning and supervising the moving of the town of Coldwater, Mississippi to a new site to make way for the Arkabutla Lake project in the 1930s. He served as president of the MS AIA in 1944. ROBERT GRANT FOSTER worked in this firm from 1938-1942. R.C. JONES was Architect-Designer in his office 1935-1941, and B.A. ENGLAND worked as Draftsman and Designer, 1945-1946. BEVERLY MARTIN was a draftsman and architect, dates unknown. Married in 1922, he had two sons, EDGAR LOUIS (known as Louis) and EMMETT BURKETT. Both sons became associated with his firm in 1954, when it became known as E.L. MALVANEY & ASSOCIATES. Some of his records are contained in two collections at MSU in Starkville: Hull and Malvaney Architectural Records and Malvaney Architectural Records, both held in Special Collections at Mitchell Memorial Library.
DateInventory#Name of PropertyRoleDescription of WorkLocation
D1920133-MRH-0900Sunflower AHS and Jr. College (Mississippi Delta Community College)ArchitectOriginal buildingMoorhead, Sunflower Co.
A1927053-BLZ-0011First United Methodist Church (II)DesignerOriginal buildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1928053-BLZ-0018Belzoni City Hall I (Belzoni Police Station)ArchitectOriginal BuildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1934no fileForest High SchoolArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingForest, Scott Co.
D1935-36079-CRT-0003-NRD-MLLeake County Courthouse, 101 Court SquareArchitectOriginal buildingCarthage, Leake Co.
D1935017-HLK-0004.1-ML-XAdministration Building (I), Houlka School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingHoulka, Chickasaw Co.
D1935043-HCM-0001.1Administration Building, Holcomb School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingHolcomb, Grenada Co.
D1935091-COL-5602.1Classroom building, Kokomo School complexArchitectOriginal buildingColumbia vic., Marion Co.
D1936061-BAY-3008.6-XClassroom Building (I), Mossville School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingBay Springs vic., Jasper Co.
D1936153-WAY-0001.4-NRD-MLWayne County Courthouse, 609 Azalea DriveArchitectOriginal buildingWaynesboro, Wayne Co.
D1936029-HAZ-0330.1HAZLEHURST GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Hazlehurst High School)ArchitectOriginal buildingHazlehurst, Copiah Co.
D1936067-OVT-6001.1-XMain Classroom building, Whitfield High SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingOvett vic., Jones Co.
D1936145-NAL-0092.2-XNew Albany High School (II), New Albany High School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingNew Albany, Union Co.
 1936145-NAL-0097.1-XCleveland Street School (I)AdditionNew Albany, Union Co.
D1937133-MRH-0906-XHigh School Building (Stansel Building), Sunflower AHS & Jr. CollegeArchitectOriginal buildingMoorhead, Sunflower Co.
D1937133-MRH-0904-XGirl's Dormitory, Sunflower AHS and Jr. CollegeArchitectAdditionMoorhead, Sunflower Co.
D1937127-MGE-0004.3-XLower Elementary Building, Magee School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingMagee, Simpson Co.
D1937145-NAL-0005-NRD(Old) New Albany City Hall (Police Station)ArchitectOriginal buildingNew Albany, Union Co.
D1938099-PHL-5008.1-XCLASSROOM BUILDING (II), Bond School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingPhiladelphia vic., Neshoba Co.
D1938011-MGD-0012.3-XMerigold Consolidated School complex (gymnasium), Merigold Consolidated School complexArchitectOriginal buildingMerigold, Bolivar Co.
D1938011-CLE-0129.04Girls' Gymnasium, Cleveland Consolidated School complexArchitectOriginal buildingCleveland, Bolivar Co.
A1938077-MON-0004.2Elementary building (Lawrence County Alternative School), Monticello Consolidated School complexArchitectOriginal BuildingMonticello, Lawrence Co.
D1938011-MGD-0012.1-XMerigold Consolidated School (I), Merigold Consolidated School complexArchitectAddition and renovationMerigold, Bolivar Co.
D1938-39149-VKS-5109.1Administration Building, Redwood Consolidated School complexArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
D1938041-STL-0009State Line School (White) (abandoned)ArchitectOriginal buildingState Line, Greene Co.
D1938081-TUP-0278City and County Office Building (The Belfry)ArchitectOriginal buildingTupelo, Lee Co.
 1938161-COF-0115.3Administration Building, Coffeeville School (White) ComplexEnlargedCoffeeville, Yalobusha Co.
D1938107-BAT-0079.3-XGymnasium, Batesville Elementary School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingBatesville, Panola Co.
D1938107-COM-0041.2-XElementary Building/Gymnasium, Como School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingComo, Panola Co.
D1939027-CLK-0194-NRD-MLCivic AuditoriumArchitectOriginal buildingClarksdale, Coahoma Co.
D1939145-NAL-0050-NRDUnion County JailArchitectOriginal buildingNew Albany, Union Co.
D1939067-LAR-0374-X(Old) Laurel Civic Center and ArmoryArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel, Jones Co.
D1939-40149-VKS-5020.4J. H. Culkin Academy (IV) (White)ArchitectOriginal buildingVicksburg vic., Warren Co.
 1939049-TER-0024.7-XTerry High School (II), Terry High School complexOriginal buildingTerry, HINDS Co.
D1939049-UTI-0005.2Utica High School, Utica School ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingUtica, Hinds Co.
D1939021-ALC-0008-NRD-MLLanier Hall (#8), Alcorn State UniversityArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingAlcorn, Claiborne Co.
D1939-40049-JAC-0004-NRE-MLWar Memorial Building, on Old Capitol GreenArchitect--PrincipalOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1939139-RIP-0375-XRipley Elementary School (White)ArchitectOriginal buildingRipley, Tippah Co.
D1939163-HBL-0013.1-XAdministration Building, Holly Bluff Consolidated School (White)ArchitectOriginal buildingHolly Bluff, Yazoo Co.
D1939021-PGB-0319.2-NRE(Old) Port Gibson Elementary SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingPort Gibson, Claiborne Co.
D1939049-TER-0024.2-Xgymnasium & audiotorium, Terry High School complexArchitectOriginal buildingTerry, Hinds Co.
Dc.1940049-TER-0024.3-XVocational Building, Terry High School complexArchitectOriginal buildingTerry, Hinds Co.
D1940155-EUP-0026.1-NRD-MLadministration building, Eupora School Complex (white)ArchitectOriginal buildingEupora, Webster Co.
D1940053-ISO-0001.2-XAdministration Building (II), Isola Consolidated School (White) campusArchitectOriginal buildingIsola, Humphreys Co.
D1940099-PHL-0060.2Elementary Building, Philadelphia School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingPhiladelphia, Neshoba Co.
D1941-43015-VAI-0010.1-NR-MLR. C. Weir Memorial Building (Administration Building), Vaiden School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingVaiden, Carroll Co.
D1941049-JAC-4514.2-XGalloway Elementary School (II)ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
A1942013-BRU-0004.1High School Building, Bruce School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingBruce, Calhoun Co.
D1943149-VKS-0162-NRD(Old) U.S. Post Office & Customs House (Mississippi River Commission), 1400 Walnut StreetArchitectalterations and repairsVicksburg, Warren Co.
D1943-44043-GRN-5502Camp McCainArchitectOriginal buildingsGrenada vic., Grenada Co.
A1944137-CLD-0004.1Classroom building, Coldwater School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingColdwater, Tate Co.
A1944137-CLD-0004.2auditorium, Coldwater White School complexArchitectOriginal buildingColdwater, Tate Co.
D1945085-BRK-0538.1-X(Old) King's Daughters HospitalArchitectRenovation and additionBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1945-46049-JAC-0089-NRDMillsaps BuildingArchitectAddition of 3 floorsJackson, Hinds Co.
Dc. 1945049-JAC-0843Whitehead & Lloyd Ford Dealership ((former) Lefleur Cadillac)ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1946025-WPT-0600-MLFifth Street School (Negro) (Northside School; West Point Colored High School)ArchitectOriginal buildingWest Point, Clay Co.
D1946085-BRK-0538.1-X(Old) King's Daughters HospitalArchitectAddition of colored annexBrookhaven, Lincoln Co.
D1946049-JAC-2395-NRDFerguson Furniture CompanyArchitectAddition, remodelingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1946121-PKT-0001.1Administration Building, Puckett School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingPuckett, Rankin Co.
D1946025-WPT-0033-DNCEast Side Elementary (White)ArchitectOriginal BuildingWest Point, Clay Co.
D1947049-JAC-3079-XCapitol Street Church of ChristArchitectoriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1947053-BLZ-0015.2Classroom Annex #1, O.M. McNair Elementary SchoolArchitectAdditionBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1947123-FOR-0055S. E. Lackey Memorial HospitalArchitectOriginal buildingForest, Scott Co.
D1947061-HEI-0004.2-XGymnasium, Heidelberg High School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingHeidelberg, Jasper Co.
D1947013-CLH-0005.2-XHigh School Building, Calhoun City School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingCalhoun City, Calhoun Co.
D1947147-TYL-5014.1Classroom building, Salem School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingTylertown vic., Walthall Co.
D1947025-WPT-0758.2West Side Elementary School (White)ArchitectOriginal buildingWest Point, Clay Co.
D1947025-WPT-0356.3-NRDGymnasium/Shop, West Point School campusArchitectOriginal buildingWest Point, Clay Co.
D1948-50029-HAZ-0335Hardy Wilson Memorial HospitalArchitectOriginal buildingHazlehurst, Copiah Co.
D1948-51037-MDV-0019Franklin County Memorial HospitalArchitectOriginal buildingMeadville, Franklin Co.
D1948147-TYL-5009.1Classroom building, Dexter School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingTylertown vic., Walthall Co.
D1948097-WIN-0214.2-NRDWinona High School (II) (Winona Jr. & Sr. High School), Winona School ComplexArchitectAddition--high school/gymnasiumWinona, Montgomery Co.
D1948113-MCC-1153-NRDJoseph E. Gibson High School (McComb High School)ArchitectOriginal buildingMcComb, Pike Co.
D1948105-STK-4005-MLLee Hall, Mississippi State UniversityArchitectFire RepairsStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1948113-MCC-0213-NRDMccomb Enterprise-Journal BuildingArchitectOriginal BuildingMcComb, Pike Co.
D1948053-BLZ-0015.3Classroom Annex #2 (Ida Green Lower Elementary), O.M. McNair Elementary SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1948113-SMT-9002.1Administration Building, Johnston Station School complexArchitectOriginal BuildingSummit vic., Pike Co.
D1948113-SMT-9002.2Vocational Shop, Johnston Station School complexArchitectOriginal BuildingSummit vic., Pike Co.
D1948-49053-LUI-0002.2-XElementary/Gymnasium Building, Louise Consolidated School (White) campusArchitectOriginal buildingLouise, Humphreys Co.
D1949049-JAC-0296-XLamar TheaterArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1949037-MDV-0020Franklin County Health Center, on Courthouse grounds, ArchitectOriginal buildingMeadville, Franklin Co.
D1949049-TER-0024.1-X(old) Terry High School (III), Terry High School complexArchitectOriginal buildingTerry, Hinds Co.
D1949119-MKS-0002.2-XElementary Building, Marks School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingMarks, Quitman Co.
D1949053-BLZ-0022.5-XClassroom Annex, Belzoni Consolidated School (White) campusArchitectOriginal buildingBelzoni, Humphreys Co.
D1949049-TER-0024.4-XTerry Elementary, Terry High School complexArchitectOriginal buildingTerry, Hinds Co.
D1949013-VAR-0002.2-XElementary Building, Vardaman School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingVardaman, Calhoun Co.
 1949007-KOS-5013.1Zama Consolidated School complex (White) (administration building), Zama Consolidated White School complexOriginal buildingKosciusko vic., Attala Co.
D1949049-RAY-0059.3-NRDHinds County Jail (Hinds County Courthouse Annex), 127 Main Street, WestArchitectAlterations to jail, large rear additionRaymond, Hinds Co.
D1950049-JAC-0325Woolfolk State Office BuildingArchitect--PrincipalOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
 c.1950161-OAK-0004.2-XGymnasium, Oakland School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingOakland, Yalobusha Co.
D1950145-NAL-5027.2Administration Building (II), Ingomar School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingNew Albany vic., Union Co.
D1950035-PET-0001.4high school building II, East Forrest Consolidated SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingPetal, Forrest Co.
D1950007-KOS-0739.2Tipton Street School (Colored), Attala County Training School/Tipton Street School complexArchitectOriginal buildingKosciusko, Attala Co.
 1950-55007-KOS-0739.3Vocational Building, Attala County Training School/Tipton Street School complexArchitectOriginal buildingKosciusko, Attala Co.
 1950007-KOS-0211.1-DNC(Old) Kosciusko High SchoolOriginal buildingKosciusko, Attala Co.
?c. 1950049-RAY-0059.1-NR-NRD-MLHinds County Courthouse, 127 Main Street, WestArchitectCupola ReplacementRaymond, Hinds Co.
D1951001-NAT-1376.2-NRDNatchez Protestant Orphanage (Natchez Children's Home)ArchitectOriginal buildingNatchez, Adams Co.
D1951159-NOX-6002.1Administration Building, Nanih Waiya (Winston) School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingNoxapater vic., Winston Co.
D1951067-LAR-5013.1-XAdministration Building, Powers School ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel vic., Jones Co.
D1951067-LAR-5021.1Pendorff School, Pendorff School ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingLaurel vic., Jones Co.
D1951093-BYH-0057-MLByhalia High SchoolArchitectN & S additionsByhalia, Marshall Co.
D1951049-JAC-0285Wright and Ferguson Funeral HomeArchitectAdditionJackson, Hinds Co.
D1951049-JAC-0290-XY.M.C.A. Building (Family Life Center of First Baptist Church)ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
A1951083-MRG-0019.2-XR. B. Schlater School complex (Negro) (high school building), R. B. Schlater Negro School complexArchitectOriginal buildingMorgan City, Leflore Co.
D1952083-SCH-0001.1-XSam Balkin School complex (Negro) (classroom building), Sam Balkin Negro School complexArchitectOriginal buildingSchlater, Leflore Co.
D1952161-WTR-0203.1-Xhigh school building, Davidson School complex (Negro)ArchitectOriginal buildingWater Valley, Yalobusha Co.
D1952-55049-JAC-7071-ML(original) University Hospital, University Medical CenterArchitect--Joint VentureOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1952007-KOS-0117-NRDFirst Baptist Church (1952)ArchitectOriginal buildingKosciusko, Attala Co.
D1952097-WIN-0629.2Winona School complex (Negro) (classroom building), Winona Negro School complexArchitectOriginal buildingWinona, Montgomery Co.
D1952119-MKS-0002.3-XGymnasium, Marks School (White) complexArchitectOriginal buildingMarks, Quitman Co.
D1953053-MID-0001-XMidnight School (Negro)ArchitectOriginal buildingMidnight, Humphreys Co.
D1953029-CRS-0137.3Crystal Springs Consolidated School (gymnasium), Crystal Springs Consolidated SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingCrystal Springs, Copiah Co.
D1953137-SEN-0306R.C. Pugh Library, Northwest Mississippi Junior CollegeArchitectOriginal buildingSenatobia, Tate Co.
D1953-55049-JAC-3016.1St. Mary Catholic ChurchArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1954049-JAC-0849Milner BuildingArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1954031-CLS-0014.1-NREElementary Building (J.R. Todd Building), Carver Middle SchoolArchitectOriginal buildingCollins, Covington Co.
D1954049-JAC-3244Robinson Street Baptist Church (Pearl Street A.M.E. Church)ArchitectOriginal buildingJackson, Hinds Co.
D1954115-PON-5107.2Gymnasium, Algoma School (White)ArchitectOriginal buildingPontotoc vic., Pontotoc Co.
D1954049-JAC-0002-NHL-ML(Old) Mississippi State Capitol (Old Capitol)ArchitectInspection and repairsJackson, Hinds Co.
D1954053-LUI-0001.1-XAdministration Building (II), Humphreys County Training School (Negro) complexArchitectOriginal buildingLouise, Humphreys Co.
D1955105-STK-4081Alumni House (Williams Building), Mississippi State University, Architect--Joint VentureOriginal BuildingStarkville, Oktibbeha Co.
D1955043-GRN-0410.1Willia Wilson School complex (Negro) (elementary building), Willia Wilson School complex [Negro]ArchitectOriginal buildingGrenada, Grenada Co.
D1957049-JAC-3058-XSallie Reynolds Elementary School I/Jim Hill High School (Negro) (Blackburn Middle School)Architect--Joint Venture6 classrooms/library additionJackson, Hinds Co.
A1958089-FLO-0005.2Auditorium, Flora School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingFlora, Madison Co.
Ac. 1958089-FLO-0005.3Gymnasium, Flora School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingFlora, Madison Co.
D1960145-NAL-0097.2Cleveland Street Elementary (II) [Mattie Thompson School], Cleveland Street School (White) ComplexArchitectOriginal buildingNew Albany, Union Co.
 c. 1960163-YAZ-0230.5Cafeteria, St. Francis Catholic Church and SchoolOriginal buildingYazoo City, Yazoo Co.