Location Information
(for the "Glen Aubin")
Name:"Glen Aubin" [Rounds Plantation]
Address:near Sibley
City/County:Natchez vic., Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:c.1835
Architectural Styles(s):Greek Revival
Remodeling Date:c.1850
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:29 Aug 1985
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Glen Aubin is one of Mississippi's unique residential essays in the vernacular Greek Revival style. With its stuccoed-brick columns, raised doorways, and exterior doors with glazed upper panels, the house would more typically weave into the architectural character of neighboring Louisiana. Stylistically, it appears to date from around 1835 to 1845 with the only major changes to the house having occurred c.1850, when the roof was raised to accommodate second-story bedrooms. The house is probably unique for Adams Co. in its use of stuccoed brick columns on a story-and-a-half frame plantation house. The use of exterior doors with original, glazed upper panels is also very unusual, although a few other examples have been located on other Adams Co. buildings.