Location Information
(for the John Dicks House)
Name:John Dicks House
Address:802 Union Street, North
City/County:Natchez, Adams County
Architectural Information
Construction Date:1888-89
Architectural Styles(s):Colonial Revival, Shingle
No. of Stories:2
Registration Information
NR Listing Date:25 Mar 1982
NR District Name:Upriver Residential
NR Status:Contributing
Element No.:372
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Local Designation Information
Local District Name:Natchez Historic District
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The John Dicks House is one of the most architecturally significant residences of post-Civil War Mississippi. The house was constructed from 1888-1889 and was designed by S.V. Stratton, of the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. The significance of the house rests primarily upon its outstanding degree of architectural finish, the reputation of the architectural firm which designed it, its location in the South where examples of McKim, Mead & White architecture are scarce, and its association with S.V. Stratton, a native of Natchez.